questionshas anybody used a boxee box?


i tried visiting boxee dot tv but i got a "threat detected" from ye olde avast.
is boxee like slingshot?


No it's like a sort of online streaming aggregator. It pools all of your netflix/vudu/hundreds of other services into one HD device connected to your tv. Sort of like an Apple TV or Roku, but with more services.


It's a decent web aggregator, but where it really shines is when you have a lot of your own content.

I'm ripping all my dvd's down to a NAS a built and throwing the hard copies in the attic. It's perfect for this...

As long as you have the files named properly and on a network share, the BB will find them, look up all the details on them and organize them for you. Wal-mart is also starting to push Vudu a little harder (they own it), offering $5 vouchers towards the service on some of their DVD's.


@sleetish: And even if you have some naming issues for files on your server, I've found that adding an NFO file for the missing movies works wonders. There's a great NFO file site at, just download and put in the same directory as your ripped movies.

In addtion, the user interface on the boxee is unrivaled in the set top box market, at least for your own media.

I love my boxee and would recommend it to anyone.