questionsanyone ever had their rooted nook color stop…


Though this may not be your issue, I've read plenty of complaints about the cable itself being of poor quality. Mine cracked near the microusb connector, but fortunately seems to be doing fine. If you have another NC cable, you might want to try that. I read that B&N was giving free replacement cables, that might be something else to try.

That doesn't explain the selective charging, but might explain the slow charging, if I remember right the reason for the length is for a couple of extra wires that juice it up faster. Maybe one of those is damaged?

Mine (not rooted, running CM7) is doing fine even with the bad cable.


@apfrehm: I should look into that free replacement cable, thanks! Yeah, mine got pushed down a little bit and the connector is really wiggly now which bothers me. Thanks again!


Sounds like its not getting enough charge or doesn't think it is. You'll notice the same thing happens if you use a power adapter with a lower wattage.


@prosperouscheat: but what's weird is it worked as expected for months on end, then out of no where it did this, no updates or anything changed.


@apfrehm: Hey I called them and got a free cable and it works great! I was really getting tired of it taking FOR EVER and not being able to charge while being on... THANK YOU so much!


@miquinn: Glad to help! Also glad to know they're still doing this, mine keeps cracking more and more (though keeps charging fine), and I don't think I'll be getting any Sugru soon enough to fix it myself. Guess I need to call B&N this weekend and see about getting mine replaced.