questionscan aynone recommend some apps for me?


Or widgets as well thank you


Advanced Task Killer. Run it every now and then to kill apps that are running in the background. I also use ZDbox to monitor my data usage to make sure I don't go over.


@eraten: If the Galaxy SIII is like my SII, it comes with a pre-installed task killer know as Application Monitor. It has a widget you can add to you home screen. It lets you kill apps and clear out RAM. Works great.

Edit: as far as trust-worthy apps, just pay attention to the developer and what access the app claims to need on you phone. Check these when updating apps too as permissions can change with added features.
To save battery, turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you don't need them. Also, reduce your screen brightness.


These are awesome. Thanks guys


This is a game app, but I feel like you deserve to know. Dummy Defense is $1.99 but it's the best GAME EVER!!!! I was looking for something similar to incredible machine when I came across it and now I'm super addicted.

Not sure how on topic this is either, but if you're even the slightest bit tech savy, you may want to look into rooting your Android. It's really awesome. You never have to wait for updates, Full admin rights (you can delete those awful apps that come loaded onto your phone that you aren't allowed to delete - it also allows you to go through system files and you would not believe how much more memory you have after all of that garbage is gone), you can increase the clock speed of the processor, etc.

It basically turns you into the actual OWNER of the entire phone instead of just a bunch of limited nonsense.


Some battery saving apps will do more harm than good. Unless you have one that is specifically made for the version of the OS on your phone, don't use it. And even then, make sure it works well with whatever other stuff Samsung puts on top of the OS (like MotoBlur for Motorola or HTSense for HTC etc.).


I have the Galaxy SIII... A few Tips for the "built-in" stuff:

Google Wallet
The NFC is cool and easy to use. Setup google wallet, and you can hold your phone up to many of those scanners and pay for your purchases (It asks for you to set and enter a pin every time, it doesn't ever "broadcast" your information in a way that people will steal it)

Look at the gestures you can enable, some of them are pretty nice. My sister loves the "put it to your head" to autodial, I love the "flip it over on its face to mute everything"


RedLaser barcode scanner
I use it all the time when I shop. From groceries to video games to televisions, this database knows what is on sale and where, and if I'm getting a deal.

Why stand in the cold to rent? Even if I drive to the kiosk first, I sit in my car and reserve them, then just run up and grab the disks instead of standing at the kiosk all day

Good music, lots of customization to get the types of music you want, very few ads

It's an app by InstaGrams that doesn't require any login or account, it just lets you make a quick photo collage - I use it all the time for texting and facebook, so I can just send one pic instead of wasting people's time with 5 pictures, I do a nice single picture that shows the event I'm sharing.

Remote Control Apps
I control my Roku, Samsung TV, Samsung BluRay, XBOX, Comcast (Xfinity), Pioneer Receiver all from their respective apps. It's great in a pinch to not search for all those remotes.


Temple Run 2 is really addicting.

Pandora radio for music.

Instagram if you take pictures and share it with others (if you're social).

Facebook (if you're social).

Yelp if you're looking for a good place to eat or play.

Some commerce apps like Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Living Social.

It's pretty cool to also have your bank or credit card apps like Bank of America or American Express. It actually helps me track all the transactions in real time.

YouTube is pretty neat.

And that's pretty much all I use aside from the phone, text, e-mail, camera and other pre-installed apps.

Edit: And I jumped the gun on this post.. didn't read beyond the title.


Netflix- Yeah movies on the go

Wootwatcher- need I explain?

Webroot- Free antivirus, also has a remote lock, track, scream (overrides volume control), and wipe (paid version) you create an account for free and set a password. IF you lose your phone text one of the 4 options plus your password and you phone will do the selected option.

Adobe Flash Player- yes if you Google it you can side load it. If you know what that means this might be right for you.

Ingress- Great game by Google

Foxfi- By passes the carries hotspot and lets you hotspot for free. There is a new paid version and a free version. This is completely legal because of Androids licenses and that it is a native feature of the phone/OS

IMDB- I use it alot

Shazam- if it was not preloaded

Skype- Again if it was not preloaded

MX Player- Lets you play almost every kind of video

Zedge- for ringtones and alerts

Google Music- upload your music collection to the cloud for free and listen from your phone devicce or Mac/PC


I agree that no apps are needed to increase battery life. Simply adjust your settings and get a car adapter.

Amazon Appstore...even if you do not download them now, get any free paid app available that you MIGHT need. Download at your convenience.

ColorNote....easy to make a quick note on a post-it

Google Drive and/or Dropbox....Easy cloud file transfer among devices and computers that you own

Wikitude....augmented reality with LOTS of features

Wootcheck....'nuff said

Overdrive Media....check out library eBooks for FREE

Audiobooks....many FREE Audiobooks

Smart Tools...compass,length, sound, level, etc.

Camscanner...I scan important docs like insurance, DL, CC etc in case I lose my wallet

any mini flashlight App
HD Widgets for clock/weather
Your bank's App (at least most have it)
Paypal and eBay if you use them at all

I could keep going...