questionswould you pay money to see fat old men chase…


Old news.
It will prob never happen unfortunately.


Nope. I'd pay money to watch well-built handsome young men chase ghosts. Oh, yeah, that's Supernatural, and it's free on CW.

Seriously, I'd probably go see a new GB film, but for story and effects, not to watch the fat old guys wheeze after (or more likely away from) ghosts.


I thought the concept was supposed to be a sort of "Ghostbusters: TNG" where the original ghostbusters train a new crew.

But then, if I wanted to see fat old men order younger people to chase elusive, transparent targets, I'd just go to work.


Yes, yes I would. Judging by the amount of of paranormal activity movies being made, paranormal research shows, and the nostagic love of the Ghostbusters, I think it would do well.