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I doubt it'll quite qualify for our stupid question highlight tab :0

those are voting buttons - once the site is active with many people and deals, the effort of voting up a good deal becomes productive as it pushes it to higher levels of exposure (to popular tab, and then ranked highly when sorted by day/week, etc.)

vote-for2vote-against somewhere i missed what that is all about... Um.... huh???

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I also wondered what they were all about until I clicked on one of them, then I understood. In their current form, they aren't really intuitive as to what they do. Also, on the list of items, I believe the initial display should be in rank order of number of positive votes for the deal. There should also be a way for a user to place a negative vote against a deal, especially if they've had a problem with the item/vendor in the past.


There should be a limit of one vote per customer per tab.