questionshi looking for deal on keen newport h2 sandals…


Don't know if any of the sites have size 10, but you can check them on this Google Search.

Good luck!


I bought a pair of these last summer on Amazon. I think they were right around $75 then -- which was about $20 cheaper than the next guy.


@capguncowboy: Are they comfortable and good for a lot of walking? I was kind of biding my time to ask on ATC for recommendations on boys sandals (I wear a size 6 in boys or mens shoes, comparable to a women's 8.5) for my vacation this fall. I have worn out my previous two pair of good walking sandals. This vacation is going to be in cooler climes than usual, but I'd like to have a reliable pair of sandals with me for the warm days. I prefer boys' sport shoes because they are wider and more durable than women's but still come in fun colors.


They actually are really comfortable. I bought them to wear when I go fishing for trout -- I needed something that would allow me to maneuver in the water without sacrificing safety and comfort. I ended up wearing them all the time. I'm not the real active type (I don't go hiking as much as I did 15 years ago) but I would imagine the only set back might be the tread. They're a lot like a tennis shoe on the bottom -- but if you're not hiking in rough terrain, that's not really a set back.


@capguncowboy: Thanks! This will predominantly be on streets and sidewalks, we'll be in Europe.