questionsneed some cheap, reasonably performing headphones…


You could always wait for the next woot-off they usually have headphones on sale. The ones with buds should have replaceable ones so you can find a fit that works for you, that is kind I buy because I need the smaller fit.


Skullcandy makes a variety of reasonably cheap earbuds that come with a variety of comfort fitting buds... I like them. Good bass, good tones (high/mid's). You get whatcha pay for but for 20 bucks or so, they're nice. Plus a warranty - so if they start to crack or anything, skullcandy will replace for free....


I've seen how popular the Skullcandy brand is (I work with adolescents) and they seemed reasonable but wasn't sure about the quality.


@stewartsnewman: Im an athlete and put them through their paces... skiing, running, lifting, and just general use beat them up pretty well... but they survive and continue to produce good sound...


Jbuds. I am very hard on headphones ie I can go through a pair in a month. I bought a $10 pair of Jbuds on amazon at Christmas and they have a 1 year guarantee. The first set lasted me about 4 months which was a miracle in my case. When one ear went out I sent them an email and they sent me a new pair 2 day air. THe next pair only lasted 2 months (go figure) after sending them an email they dropped me another pair in the mail as well. They have been really easy with their warranty and for 10 bucks its worth the try. They come with 3 size of rubber foam ear thingies. They call them noise canceling but they are not... so they are not to snug in the ear.


Inexpensive earbuds that are around $15 (skull candy, jvc, sony, etc) are mostly manufactured in the same cheap chinese factories and they just slap on a logo on it. I would just get a whole mess of these for $2.99 at They sound decent but for the price, you can just swap one out when it goes bad. Had mine for a few months now without any issues.