questionsdid you hear about that meteorite that hit russia?


The countdown to Russian meteorite fragments on eBay begins now.


Wow that was amazing footage. Good thing for them it wasn't as big as Tunguska.


The Deceptacons are attacking!

I thought the dash cams were to record attempted police extortion/bribery.

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There was a response from a left-wing Russian politician saying "it wasn't a meteor, it was Americans testing a new weapon" on the mirror link up there^



@j5: That too. This is a good explanation of why. Although I really don't care; the amunt of viral videos from Russia can keep me entertained for hours.


@okham: Yeah, that's pretty much like gold falling from the sky.


Wow - scary. I'd probably pee a little if I saw that while driving.


It's good to know the people recording it had the presence of mind not to immediately slam on the brakes, freak out and start violently crying.

I doubt I would have been able to stay that calm.


Already saw one Russian religious person say "It's a sign from god", sigh.

But on a more serious note, I did burn my toast this morning at 6 a.m. because I was watching the videos on my phone and not watching my breakfast :'(


@spikedknight: You probably didn't go to church last Sunday and now you get burnt toast. Coincidence? Our God is a vengeful one! :)


Hmmm...what a shame I didn't know there were 1100 people in Russia altogether, much less in one area. I bet the United States wishes it would have been much larger and not broke apart.


Meteorites don't fall from space, meteors (meteoroids) fall from space. They must land on earth and be found before they are "meteorites"


@troutwild: At the time I that posted this, no meteorite was found. However, given the size of the event it was safe for me to assume that the meteor had impacted Earth thus making it a meteorite; which is why I put meteor(ite) in parenthesis. I was hoping to cover all bases to prevent someone from giving me a lesson in astronomy, I guess I failed myself. I'm very aware of the stages of space-rocks, and Wikipedia has explained it to me very well!