questionshas anyone used the pimsleur language program?


I used it to learn French, and it's a great program. Easy and only a half hour a day (double or triple that if you repeat the lesson, which I usually did). I got the entire level 1 program on (I think) 30 CDs, and it was $100-$150 back in 1999.

Highly recommended. I learned enough French in about a month to get around Paris and Lyon for 2 weeks without having to go to the phrasebooks 1000 times a day.


It depends how you learn.

I bought a $30 learn-in-the-car program from Amazon, and disliked it. I'm the type of person who likes to see the words - it helps me associate them, see how they're spelled, lets me figure out the roots, etc. After describing my dissatisfaction with that program, and what I would like to see instead, my husband did some research and bought Fluenz. He looked at Rosetta Stone, but it's more of a picture-based program, and I didn't want that.

I'm not familiar with Pimsleur, but my advice would be to think about how you learn best, and go with a program that caters to it.

As an aside, I took both Mandarin and (when they stopped offering Mandarin after two years) German in high school. Mandarin is fun, but more complicated - consider conversation a second language and characters a third. Mandarin also sounds more impressive!


I've only tried the introductory version of Pimsleur and didn't like it. I felt like I was memorizing by rote rather than understanding what I was saying.

I liked the Michel Thomas system a lot more, though depending on the language it's very limited in vocabulary. But I felt a lot more engaged and at the end I felt like I really had a firm start.


Pimsleur's really good. Those 10 days ads are not from Pimsleur as I understand it. It's some internet marketer book-of-the-month club type of deal... is the official company. A friend told me recently that they now offer a software version, which is a lot more visual. Using your ears to learn makes a lot of sense. You can't read and sound out a letter that is not part of the english sound system until your ears have digested it. You can look at a French "R" all day and night, it's not a sound that is part of English. It won't help to see it printed until your ears have digested that new sound. It might take time, but it's really the only way imo.


Pimsleur is a complete scam. What kind of company is this?????!!!!
-Boring and marginally instructive for super basic phrases, but only verbal not written.
-Instead of payment as you go, the company automatically charges you an insane amount for future product shipments whether you ask for them or not. Their returns and cancellations practices and policies smack of something more illegal than a legitimate and upright business. No recognizable contact attempts from them, either, to discuss billing or issues. And, none of the other 2 shipments they "sent" (that I did NOT order or desire) even show when I use their "track order" feature and enter my information.
-Collections' Michelle Roskos refused to connect me to her manager or provide contact information. Settlement? Send a check within 10 days, comply with exact return process; but, she gave out no account number, no way to confirm receipt of either payment or materials returned, and no way to check my account status.