questionsdid you hear, malware may knock thousands off…


So the FBI paid a private company to set up internet services for this who were infected? Why not just have everyone currently connecting into that web server to just be routed to a page that says "You've been infected for the past year, we recommend doing this:" Or something of that nature. Sounds bizarre!


Yeah I've been hearing about for months, but I didn't realize that the reason for the date was that the temporary government-supplied "fix" is being shut down. I'm shocked that we aren't going to keep that work-around running until the end of time at the taxpayers' expense.


Actually I was just reading a news article on this talking about how Facebook was going to tell people if they had a virus when they got on to their site .... Which made me laugh FACEBOOK is the last place on earth I would believe if it said I had a virus.


@pemberducky: You'd have to come in/go home and still work depending on which was affected, you know.

(Keeping my status as the resident downer.)


I had actually not heard about this at all. Thanks for the heads-up!


This is hilarious...

"Most victims don't even know their computers have been infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their Web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems."

Do you not think you would have noticed if your antivirus software had been disabled? Maybe it's just habit but I glance in my system tray and make sure I have a little green checkmark on the Norton Internet Security 2012 icon.


@missellienc: I used to do a lot of malware removal in my spare time and I think you would be surprised. Many people never look down there and unless something annoying displays, they don't care. Much of the malware disables the alerts as well, so unless the person happens to notice they may not receive an alert.


@missellienc: Nobody does that. Not "real world users" anyway. They don't notice a problem till Facebook won't load. The average user doesn't even know what antivirus software is.


@hackman2007: You are absolutely right. Now that I think about it, I bet my mom would never notice if her Norton was running or not. Now if something blocked her ability to get her daily stock quotes, she would definitely know she had a problem and would call me to come fix it!

@sully51: Agreed. That's exactly why I installed Norton Internet Security on my mom's laptop... set it and forget it.


I also heard the end ouf the world and Zombies are coming too, I read that on the internets, so it must be true....


Na.. na.. na.., I'm still here...I fear no virus!