questionsyes, it's another rant about customer support


i'm really sorry to hear about the broken mugs. :/
conjecture: there may not be any more mugs left. hence the refund.
i'll nudge CS for you. apologies again.


@pemberducky: Thanks! I knew there was a reason I still hang out here. As always, you guys rock!


Were the mugs from a random selection? Maybe they couldn't send replacements because they just didn't have any to send. Doesn't excuse the breaking, but at least they're trying. Either way I hope you get a resolution you're happy with (which I'm sure you will!)


@thedogma: yes, they were randoms, I just happen to get two of the same exact design.


Thank you @pemberducky for trying to help me out. I unfortunately never heard from CS about this situation despite my e-mailing and your nudging. I have only had to email CS 3 times because of issues with my orders with the first one being a horrible experience, second one a good one and this last one leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. I know I sound like I am whining but with the amount of time I spend on the site coupled with my mass spending spree yesterday (9 woots!) I was hoping to find some resolution. Perhaps CS is just slammed with Woot-off issues and they will get back to me eventually. In any event, thank you for your help, I really do appreciate you going out of your way to help me out. I would of sent this via PM but cant figure out how to look you up! I know, I'm


@conanthelibrarian: i'm sorry you don't have closure on this yet. as i said, my suspicion is that there are no more mugs left, and that is why you were refunded.

as you rightly speculated, Woot-offs are hectic for the CS folks. i'm afraid that customer emails also don't come in prioritized by number of purchases, so they don't know that your awesomeness runs deep until they get to your message.

but you should get a response on this, no matter what. so i'm going to nudge again - this time a little harder - and we will get this resolved for you!


Hi conanthelibrarian!

Woot CS staff here. Unfortunately there just arent any mugs available as replacements or we would love to send you some.

Things like mugs, totes, socks are typically printed after the sale has ended. They usually leave us a couple for replacements and then we are out until next time .

Sorry again that they broke during shipping. = / Email us at if you need anything else.


Thank you again @pemberducky, you have certainly gone out of your away again to help and I really appreciate your help with not just my issue but your help making this is fun and inviting place. To @justinables: I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my issue. Since I do not feel this issue was resolved in the way I would like it to be ( I completely understand that it simply cant be done), I will need to reevaluate not only my time and efforts here but also rethink any future purchases I make. Oh, and I will certainly never order mugs again. Even if they came undamaged, I still received two of the same design.

I have had a ton of fun here at deals and have recently found all of the fun stuff that happens at the other woot sites. I loved getting those quality posts!

Alas, my spirit has finally been broken. I am finally becoming one of those guys around here that has only negative things to say. I am hoping my attitude will change after a few days of cooling off.


@conanthelibrarian: sweetie, I'm very sorry we ran out of mugs. Let's try to put it in perspective though. Did you really NEED the mugs? Probably not because you didn't know what you were going to get anyway. You did get a full refund and as much as we have tried to train those blasted monkeys, they still can't paint worth a damn so creating new ones on the fly just isn't an option.

We are just a company out in the big bad world of other retailers. We try our best but we do screw up. And yes, we're experiencing some growing pains. But you shouldn't let it upset you so. We aren't worth it. Seriously.

I love seeing you there each night in the threads helping people find info about the products but if you need to take a break, do it. I'll still be here when you check back in.



@conanthelibrarian And so...a good woot customer support story. Ordered the 3 pack of Random AA blanks. Guess what I received? One. Wrote to support yesterday. Received an answer from Tyler today. Apology, with the news that the other 2 are to be sent.

I know that doesn't help you. Just wanted to say that they DO try to make it right. In your case, they could not. I understand that. ...Just saying (as @thunderthighs said), they're trying.

Maybe, give them another chance? If not, I understand that, too. :-/


@justinables: My apologies for my attitude. I do try to be a positive guy around here and I have let this get the best of me. I understand you are doing your best to satisfy a customer that is acting childish. I do appreciate everything you guys do.


@gmwhit: I have quickly realized after spending a few hours with some kids that I am acting worse than they are! I think I need to apologize and get over this very trivial thing. I got some great random shirts, a great random apron, a great random sweatshirt and a ton of stuff from the woot-off. Im happy now:)

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I do appreciate it.


I just had a bad experience with Woot customer service today. I swear, Woot is just really starting to suck now!


@conanthelibrarian: It sounds like you were really disappointed your mugs arrived broken. I understand that: when we buy non-necessary stuff, we're usually excited about it. Random Stuff involves an added element of surprise, so it's double-the-anticipation. When we're disappointed by the Random Stuff, it's like double-the-letdown.


In my work, I observe that our society seems to struggle with others' "brief" disappointment; there's a tendency to say something intended to make someone feel better ("It's just a mug") that actually denies a real emotional reaction. Over time, it can contribute to a sense that someone is narcissistic: they complain about their own broken mugs and then tell you to get over your own broken mugs, even if their intention was to make you feel better. It's helpful to be able to express disappointment, experience it, and then move on. I wish more people could react to others' disappointment by affirming the emotion ("You sound disappointed; I know you were looking forward to those mugs.") - it would alleviate so many of the relationship/communication problems that I see, as well as the deep hurt that I see in so many people who feel like their loved ones just don't hear them.