questionsany suggestions on merging output from factory…


There is an option for some amps to do a high level input. The regular mono input is only a signal, if u try to put speaker output to that it will not work. There are adapters you can get for they head unit to convert your speaker out put to a input for the amp, but I would first check to see if it already has such an input. the adapter to use it or to convert to mono both are inexpensive. What headunit and amp do you have?


@sadsephiroth: It's the factory head unit in a Scion xA, and I want to add a Crunch P1 600.2, bridging the output to feed a Pioneer TS SWX251 10" sub.

It's not the line level output/input - it can handle that. It's that the directions for the amp (yes, I read directions) specify that for bridged input, you need to have the same signal on both channels, and that simply splicing the right and left hot leads to get a single signal can do "bad things" to the head.


Iwould then search for an adapter that takes line level and coverts it into a mono output. I shop at sonic electronix. If you send them a message on their Facebook page they can help. I personally have never heard is an amp needing signal in such a way I think hey are just wording it improperly is all. I've only installed a few different amps myself I prefer to not pay the crazy prices most places ask for when mostly it is a simple process. The experts over thereally may have more info.