questionschallenge: 8port gigabit wireless router


Are you looking for a particular price range or brand?


150 or less really. I am also just considering using an old dlink 10/100 switch I bought from woot years ago and moving my legacy 10/100 devices to that and freeing up a port or two but ...

I was also intrigued by this dlink router that is also a built in powerline hub .....

Though I think I am leaning at this point on a refurb of the Linksys EA line I kind of dig the manage the router from the cloud idea


Good luck I ended up getting:
replaced by

Which only gives me 7 wired ports. I am not really digging the NETGEAR Wireless Router - N600 Dual Band Gigabit (WNDR3700) while it is a nice router, I would like the features to work. Examples,
1. You can not change the port to send send emails making virtually all email services invalid.
2. Logging does not work properly, it seems to forget to log. Clearing it fixes it but I only look when I think there is an issue.
3. Who is attached does not work.

Good I never need to reboot


Is all of your equipment really all in one place? Or would a gigabit switch be a better option? My apartment has a router with 4 gigabit switches, and I use 2 gigabit switches and one 10/100 switch to get everything connected. Part of this is due to using VoIP phones and my home theater system needs 3 ports of its own.


@omnichad: 4 gigabit PORTS on the router. I can't write.


I pretty much gave up the hunt. the cluster of devices I have that are 10/100 so I think I will just use them attached to a 10/100 switch and that should free 1 gig port and have 3 addtl of 10/100. That should hold me for awhile im just at the 4 capacity now and buying a new one I figure I would go higher rather than meet current capacity but it doesn’t seem there is alot out there.

I ended up opting for the EA4500 from Cisco Linksys a couple of reasons why
1. 3x mimo antennas from my reading this real does help signal range
2. Their remote app for management this seems really cool and reviewed well so why not
3 .The built in apps the the router include speed test which is cool and a device monitoring gui that will show me everything connected which I think is even cooler.

It wasn’t cheap though came in at 151 before tax and since I have been burning through these things lately for some unbenounced reason I added a 3 year squaretrade onto it as well so out the door it was 189.


Damn. I saw one of these on sale the other day but can't remember who or what brand for the life of me