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Suppose a x^2+b x+c=0 and a!=0. We first divide by \a to get x^2+b/a x+c/a=0.

Then we complete the square and obtain x^2+b/a x+(b/(2a))^2-(b/(2a))^2+c/a=0.
The first three terms factor to give (x+b/(2a))^2=(b^2)/(4a^2)-c/a.
Now we take square roots on both sides and get x+b/(2a)=+-sqrt((b^2)/(4a^2)-c/a).

Finally we move the b/(2a) to the right and simplify to get
the two solutions: x_(1,2)=(-b+-sqrt(b^2-4a c))/(2a)


@snapster: Well, dang. I always thought it was a³ + b³ = c³


The displacement flux of wootons vs. the un-quantifiable nature of the deal-particle.


@snapster: Ha! I was confused for a moment. I read that as "a! = 0", not "a != 0".


@chris12345: I'm so glad you posted that. I'd been trying to figure it out myself. I was beginning to doubt myself, strongly.

How are you, anyway? Don't see much of you, these days. Life's good, back in the stars, and not too bad here in the land of woot, either. G+ is major suckage, but then, what on earth did I expect?

@snapster seems determined to stick around an play (here on Deals), which makes it seem like old times.

@tygerdave: I often have low awesome settings, even though all the others are high. I attribute that to my delicate sense of self esteem, which can be easily affected by criticism or cruelty. Also by people picking on broccoli.


My personal theory is that it's just random, with a leaning towards the high end of the scale. I've seen it have a reading when all the others were broken, but it could be that I'm just that awesome.


@chris12345: Drat. I was saving this question for a rainy day. Well at least I learned some secret woot math algorythm...


@shrdlu: I'm okay, thanks. Real life has been keeping me pretty busy.


I just thought it was from the positive votes on your comments.
Aka: You had an awesome comment about this deal.


@snapster: I had no idea that my awesomeness was quadratic in form.


I believe it's your "trending" data. I notice that if I'm lower on certain areas but improving, I'm more "awesome." Conversely when I'm high on everything, but haven't done in anything in the last several hours or day to keep it that way, I'm not so "awesome." When I was number one on the list, I was the least awesome.

So, in short, I believe it's more related to are you improving or not.


@patentdude: I believe that your insight is the most likely. I haven't been on for several hours, and my current awesome statistic is close to max. I will go off, post some comments, vote things up, vote some things down, and I'll bet that my awesome component is then reduced.



I have been acting like a smart arse and not thinking before I post and my Awesomeness metter has been droping.