questionsanyone else having a glitch with voting/ posted…


...and now it is +1/-1.

I think Woot might just be messing with me as punishment for not being active lately.

Still, on the chance that this is an actual glitch, I'll leave the question up.


seen it happen before.
sorry no solutions for you


@thedogma: It's a caching error. I've seen it before. Sometimes, when things are extra busy, it takes a bit of time before they right themselves. I still often see a sort of 20-30 minute delay when using my IE8 browser (and a reload of the page causes it to right itself, each and every time).

Anyway, the caching engines are sometimes overburdened, and it takes just a bit of time for them to catch up. As long as your comments have a positive vote, it's just transitory. Think of it as Monday. Think of it as a return of traffic after a long, long weekend. Think of it as a return of traffic for all those poor souls on the east coast that are just now getting back to normal.


I've had this happen to me before, and usually if you leave it alone it reverts to normal.


Me, too. I mean that happened to me once. My eyes looked like this: O-O.

Initial thought - I've dropped from a black triangle to a white one. Nope, not it. Then I began doing this strange tap dance +1, -1, +1, -1. Back & forth, tapping away. Got it back to zero. Went away feeling dejected. Looked at it later & it was a +1.

Moral of this story: Don't tap dance. A ballet would have been more elegant. Same results, too.


Yup... Just yesterday I posted Das Boot and presto, a nice big zippo to start off. I think it actually hurt its chances of being up voted... It didn't get a single up vote until an hour or so later. By then it was buried on page 2 or 3 of fresh deals... It wasn't a mind blowing deal but still should have done OK... Oh well...


I haven't had it happen.....yet.