questionswhat is the weirdest item you've received in a…


Just for reference our BOCs included:

lots of saftey pins
lots of Q-tips
lots of sponges
cold steel knife
L forever lazy
a night hunter helicopter NIB
portable phone/laptop charger ($50 on amazon :-)
crab bags
hot hands
X2 S Woot! shirts (wife has 4 now)
XL Fila workout pants


one of those cloth shopping bags with a crab on it.


@andrewhallze: haha those are the crab bags I mentioned above. They're pretty small. How does woot come across this stuff? and all the $1 store items as well?


A broken Bookie Board LCD writing tablet...


a velvet poster coloring set with missing markers and 2 of the sheets already completed. this was in the 2013 April Fools BoC. Would have been cool if the artist signed their workbut alas they did not (maybe I have some @jumbowoot or @thunderthighs artwork in my posession)


I have received broken jewel cases and someone's defunct CDRs but the weirdest is probably my most treasured - a red stone countertop sample (it's a great woot conversation piece).

I've got my fingers crossed, hoping to get a crab bag to go with my Fresh Crab shirt.


I got a dehydrated fish from a community BOC


The dollar store stuff has the same address on it's packaging as woot HQ. FWIW.

Strangest thing I've gotten... there was a random sticky note with numbers written on it - I foolishly tried to figure out if it was some sort of code, it wasn't. It was a sticky note that fell into my box.

Your army men weren't badly molded, they were wounded in the battle of Monkey Bunker. Treat them well.


I got a parrot in a Ziploc bag...
No, really. It was a 3-4 inch parrot figure in a Ziploc bag....
I'm pretty sure I included that in a white elephant gift for xmas.

A manual breast pump. Sold that one on eBay.

Another time I got a loose battery for a portable DVD player or something. I think I"recycled" that one.


BOC? Heard of them, but I think they are an urban legend.


@morriea: Yeah, woot probably pays some of their minions to make up stories about the mythical BOC. They get extra money if they take pictures of a flat screen TV and say they got it in the BOC. It's a conspiracy, man!

Or not:


this BOC was particularly crappy. The least useful item is probably a pink slap bracelet with a black and white strip in the middle with rhinestones that says "sassy."