questionscan i give a big thank you to the staff at woot!?


@conanthelibrarian: Don't you know the Dewey Decimal system!?


@riknik: The librarian side of me tries to always be kind and very quiet. The Barbarian side of me, well....


+1 for the UHF-referential name.

The way you all say thanks leave the developers and operations guys a little sore, but everyone appreciates it nonetheless.


Thanks a lot for flat rate shipping. I can't check now but I want to say I saved 100 dollars because of it


Well you could thank them, but I think they'd love you more if you sent them donuts, tacos, and cammo netting.


Thanks for enticing me to save my coupons for another day.


Glad (at least some of you) had fun. That makes me happy to hear and we'll be sure to pass this on. :)


I admit, I had lost faith in woot earlier this year. Woot-offs were crappy, most things were being sold at the same price during regular woots, and then as soon as this new Amazon spam-feel redesign happened I had just about given up. But yesterday's woot-off I actually watched more closely, was pretty happy with most of the deals, and even bought two things! So it looks like I'll be staying around for a bit longer, thanks!


I didn't buy anything this time around, but not for lack of trying. I just kept missing my chance.

Fortunately, the coupon will keep through October. I'm sure I can find something by then.


I went nuts too! While I was a little disappointed that I (still) haven't gotten a chance at the BOC, there were some AWESOME deals. I usually only make one or two purchases during a woot off, on things that I really want or need, but this time I made 7 purchases :) Thanks woot!


Shouldn't they be thanking people for buying things?


I too bought more this woot-off than ever before, and I agree that it had to do with the all day shipping. So I don't know whether to say thanks for encouraging me to buy more or say darn you for encouraging me to buy more!! :)

Seriously though, thanks for saving me the cost of shipping on the additional items I purchased!