questionswho wants to hear my cowboydann style prediction?


You're wrong though.


No, Woot needs us in good health too much.

Too many Wooters would die.
..Probably mostly from dehydration/starvation. But probably other stuff too. (i.e. spouses)


@cowboydann: That's true It's not cowboydann like because you always make sure your predictions are correct first.

I'm a gambler.


I think woot is single-handedly stimulating the economy. Maybe POTUS called up woot to keep the woot-off going through some kind of executive order. Or maybe the woot-staff came out of their cave, saw their shadows and decided to extend it to 4 days of woot-off.

Now that I think about it more, I think the BOC is coming on February 29th. I don't remember what happened the last leap year, but it seems like a good day on which to do it.


@curtisuxor: That's not a bad thought. Woot does like to celebrate special occasions.


Still looking to spend my coupon. Here's hoping to spend some cash.


@curtisuxor: Last leap year, 2008: Myvu Personal Media Viewer Fully Loaded Edition for iPod


Wine staves and leak frogs look formidable this go round, yes we could be here a while longer.


I'll bet it does. Just seems too unlike woot to end on a $150 product.


That makes me 3 for 3. Just saying.


@okham: I'm with ya on that one. I kept watching all day yesterday for something worthy, but nothing seemed to appeal to me.


@gideonfrost: Hey! His method works for him! lol He's got his street cred to think about ya know.


I predict the woot off's last day is Thursday. I would also predict Fridays woot item...
I see a Laptop, no it is a Notebook..
I see four... For notebooks, that does not make sense, oh of course for core, quad core.
I see the... the Matrix? Oh I get it, the laptop has a Blu-ray player and someone who buys it will watch the Matrix on it.
For today's woot I predict a Quad-Core Notebook w/ Blu-ray, and a buyer will watch the Matrix on it.