questionsamazon has started lowering ebook prices for…


Happy dance.

Ebooks prices ARE too damn high. Ebooks are more like digitial video and less like music: they are DRMed to high heaven. The publishers want to charge nearly as much (like 14.95 instead of 16.95) for an ebook as they do for a hardbound book. This despite the fact that the costs of production, distibution, inventory and delivery are nearly zero for the ebook. And there are no returns on an ebook. The user also uses the right of first sale with an ebook: you can't sell, loan, or give away your ebook, all of which you can do with a physical copy. The ebook costs far less to create and distribute, and is worth less to the consumer than its physical conterpart. It should cost less.


@wilfbrim: "the right of first sale..."

Yeah totally. That's probably the biggest reason I don't like to buy many ebooks.


And I went straight to Amazon to check the price of the Hunger Games series. And then I realized it was written by a Collins, not published by one.


Please don't forget the author who gets paid a teeny little royalty, smaller the lower the price is, and the cover artist who makes it attractive and the IT folks who make the site work so you can read reviews, samples, and 'also reads' and buy it safely online. There are some costs to format the book if you like the paragraphs to follow logically and the type to be the same on the pages.