questionsnow that t-mobile has free, unlimited…


I had T-Mobile when I lived in Germany. I miss them lots. T-Mobile in America is not the same at all.


The free international roaming has several limitations. It's only on certain plans, not including their lowest cost prepaid plans. And even if you do qualify, it's only the 2G network, not 3G or 4G. So what you get will be very slow. Definitely better than nothing and a good selling point, yes, but my current, very cheap plan does not qualify anyway.


@djp519: From what I understand, even if it did include high speed internet, it wouldn't work anyway because the phones sold internationally and those sold domestically have a different frequency range for the 4G portion. You have to have a pentaband radio or the international phone version to get 4G speeds.

If you know of something different, I'd be interested in knowing because I've had this conversation with many T-Mobile employees and long-term customers.


@cengland0: It depends on what you call "4G" and the phone you have. A lot of companies in the US marketed "4G" phones that didn't really qualify as fourth gen. tech. LTE is the first real "4G" tech. The new iPhone 5C and 5S are both "world LTE" phones because they have radios for every LTE band currently used. I imagine a lot of manufacturers will follow suit(if they don't offer it already). The real question is whether you could actually get 2G data internationally, as each company is upgrading it's own 2G band to LTE, making the 2G tech unusable. Personally, I'll continue with my $30 TMO plan with Google Voice over Wi-Fi/LTE and buy international pre-paid SIMs when I need them.