questionsis there honestly anything left about *****.woot…


Son of a gun. Take off one of those "possibles".


I must say the forum at least is more pleasant than some other deals sites I frequent ahem slickdeals. I generally find the wootizens to be more helpful and kind when a legitimate question or problem is posted, and it's a heck of a lot nicer to look at/seems more organized to me than other forums. Other than that I do agree that either too many changes were made or we need a lot more changes...


I don't go to many other DOD-type sites, but this one is beginning to look rather like a moderately well organized yard sale. Considering how many other sites now offer a dozen or more deals and some have morphed into standard websites claiming to offer all sorts of items at deep discount, perhaps that's the way things are trending.

I personally seldom bother to check any of the spawn-of-woot tabs. I came to woot originally because I found a couple of very good deals, but the new tabs tend to be for pricier merchandise than I'd ever buy here. There's just too much uncertainty with warranty issues (especially on items where the manufacturer won't honor third-party sales from unauthorized sellers), and my last foray over there, for "mystery jewelry," was evidently drop-shipped from some retailer in South Florida and looked as if a 12-year-old kid had made it in Craft Class at summer camp.

I hang out here mostly for the conversation, what there is of it these days.


I've said it before (although not lately). Everything changes. Even Woot. I still drop in now and then (mostly I vote up comments, most questions, and a deal now and then). I miss what it was, but then, I miss being 19 too. Neither one of those is going to come back. I look at what's on Wine dot Woot; I still buy (although not nearly as often as I used to). I look forward to 9 AM Texas Time, when @thunderthighs (or @lichme) update the list of Woot Plus deals, because they always put something funny when they bump it.

I'm a fan of funny. It's one of my favorites. :-D

I don't need another computer. If i did, I'd probably just wait for another Blair sponsored deal (I've used them, and I'm a satisfied customer). I ignore all the other tabs (except to look at the bottom of the page and see if there's anything interesting).

It's Spring, and nearly Summer. My roses are in competition, and the tomatoes have blooms on them.

So it goes.


Does the expectation that QC falls on the customer make Woot more unique? That's how I've been feeling about shirt.woot, at least ...


@narfcake: Shame on you for so carelessly handling that finely crafted shirt so roughly that you stretched it all out and made the design move sideways.


@shrdlu: 19? Not a chance I'd want to do that one again, but 26 was pretty good. We have baby tomatoes today -- looks as if it's another year that The Spouse, ever eager, will be bringing me 15-20 cherry tomatoes a day for a few weeks. I hope we can get at least a dozen or so full-size tomatoes, but that seldom happens.

Still, one can hope since, as you insist, everything changes.


Original tag was "oh-cheri-where-art-thou". Sad it got changed.


@narfcake: did you read the fine print? Are you certain that it didn't say Design Placement: askew? The future might be in the stars, but it definitely isn't in shirt printing is it? :-)


@magic cave: first of all, those girls were only 9, secondly, I had them up all night long, slaving away on your jewelry, while hopped up on Ghost Stories and s'mores. And now you have to go and make them cry, tsk, tsk :-P


@thumperchick: Again ... and again 4 more times. The replacement shirt sent was completely the wrong one. The others ... DTG print over lint (and ran low on ink too before the print was completed, so there are streaks), a poor DTG color reprint, a splotchy screen print, and another off-center print. I think my track record this year is about half having print issues, up from roughly a third last year.


@magic cave: Well put.

It's been a few months since I've even visited the woot website, and I have noticed more tabs than before (a bit cluttered), and the deals.woot is now "side deals".. Seems a bit like sweeping something under a rug.

However it is nice to see familiar names are still lurking about.


@devexityspace: Yep. Kinda miss seeing you around more often, though.