questionswhat $7.99+ album did/will you get with your…


I went with The Lumineers self-titled album ($7.99) for the $4 discount, and Barton Hallow by The Civil Wars ($5.99) using the MP3S4ALL code. I had never heard any of either's music before, but I'm really liking them both so far.

I really love when Amazon runs promotions like this. Combine with the release of the Amazon Cloud Player for the iPhone, and I'm an altogether happy listener.


I haven't decided yet. I didn't read the fine print (it was a freebie, why bother) but what is the expiration date of this offer? How long can I sit on this waiting for something I want.


@wilfbrim: You have through June 20th, 2012 to use it.


I'm looking at a full collection of Wagner's Ring Cycle -- a four-opera saga which directly influenced Lord of the Rings and is widely considered the greatest greatest operas, if not artistic works, of all time.

Oh, and all four operas, comprising 168 tracks at just under 15 hours, is $7.99.

Another worthy option for the classical listeners is one I just bought recently, the full symphonic works of Sibelius, also $7.99 Fantastic to listen to at work.

Finally, while I don't recommend buying it, the cover art of this one -- "I Love the 70s (1770s and 1870s)" is hilarious.


@tbgolladay: Ah, awesomeness. Thank you for linking those; it'll be cool to hear some live stuff.