questionswhere can i get the best deal on whey protein…


I don't know, but my wife gets hers from Vitamin World (like GNC but different). I have no idea if it's a deal or not. Here is what she is buying. It sounds expensive based on your criteria in the OP.


I pay $17 for 15oz of Biochem at Sprouts, so I am way above your price. But I can't use Splenda (sucralose) so my choices are limited. Biochem tastes great at least.


I have this one
It was $10 less when I bought it, so you might check for sales.


I've heard that Gold Standard Powder is really good tasting. Its just a bit pricy. I'll definitely look for sales on that stuff! If I can find that $10 cheaper, that would put it in the ballpark, I think.

Also, just searching around some more, I found what seems like a good place -

I've never ordered from them. If anyone has ordered anything from them, let me know your experience.


I use Muscle Milk product from Amazon...


This is not by any means the cheapest, but it has been the best working and BEST tasting I have tried out of all the powder drinks.

It really does taste like a Vanilla milkshake.


I get this...

MuscleTech Premium Whey Protein - Chocolate

Its 33$ for 5lbs so that's less than 6$ a lb

And it tastes good.


@thumperchick: The prices at DPS seem pretty good. Not as cheap as, but the shipping for DPS is a lot cheaper. For the same items, DPS said the shipping was going to be $4.99 and said 16.99.

Thanks for the heads up. I think I might be buying my protein powder there.


Not sure about the best price, but me and my buds get ours at Pic-N-Tote.

EDIT: @gmwhit: That's me second from the left....I just took off my "Cougar Bait" t-shirt.


Champion Nutrition Tropical Sunrise flavor. Mixes well with a bit of OJ and a lot of water. Usually get it from Amazon or Vitacost, whoever has the better price on the day I decide to order. I pay about $48 for 5lbs, lasts me maybe a month and a half?


I've used DPS Nutrition as well in the past, I found their prices to be very reasonable and their shipping is top notch, I've ordered something and got it the next day with standard shipping.