questionshow much of what you've bought from woot has goneā€¦


Out of my 33 purchases on regular Woot, 17 of those items I don't use or have lost. Can't believe I bought a Zune in '07, 3 (WTF THREE!) Hibachi BBQ grills in '08 and a Hantech Tablo thingie 2 years ago. And why did I buy a snuggie 2-pack?!

All the exercise-related stuff I've gotten on Woot or Sellout have also been collecting dust.

And my 54 or so Shirt.Woot purchases have seen little wear because I dress differently now, though I just bought a shirt this week.

When will the madness stop?!


Of my 9 woots, the only things I'm not using are some of the BoC items. I just don't have a use for a pico projector screen...yet.


Most of my purchases are used. The major exception is the majority of the crap I have gotten in BOCs. Some of that went right into the trash, and some of it is sitting around my house. I really need to just throw that stuff in a donation box...


I just looked at my history and I have no idea why i bought one item 5 years ago. Also, I have never seen another item I ordered 6 years ago, wonder if it's too late to request a proof of delivery?


Even the crap that I've got has all gone to good use. It may not have got used by me, but I've passed it along to someone who wanted to use it.


Of my five Woot purchases:
The GPS is used almost daily, as is the TV. All three pairs of the earbuds broke and the 18-piece lock-n-locks that were intended for an intricate set of geocaches are sitting on my porch.

The last purchase was never used and I hope it sits, collecting dust, far into the future... a fire extinguisher.


I don't know... I used pretty much everything. I do know that there are some things that I would have emptied my bank account for, but I only bought one or two.

For example:

I had no idea who Saitek was, or how useful a tiny speaker like this would be. I opened it, chucked in some batteries and played some music. Nobody that heard it could believe that such a tiny little speaker could put out so much great sound.

The most useless though?


I waste NOTHINGGGG! The majority of my purchases end up being gifts (intentionally purchased as such) so who knows if they actually use the stuff or not.

I've tried to curb my consumerism and only buy things that I know I'll use or that will be a gift. Mainly because I'm a cheapskate and hate wasting money...