questionschallenge: 16 or 32 gb micro sd card.


Do you really need a Class 10 for a Nook Color? I think you could save a lot of money being willing to go a little slower. Unless you're constantly uploading/downloading huge files onto the card Class 10 is a bit excessive.


@novastarj: Maybe not. Not my specialty. What class could I get away with for movies, music, etc.? This is why I post here. I learn things. And thank you for pointing that out.

Additional question: If I root it to be basically an android tablet and I need that space for multiple programs should I have a class ten? Nook Color internal HD is only 5 GB.


How critical is the Class 10 to you?
I ask because I've seen several people claim (with speed tests backing them) that because nobody verifies read/write speeds manufacturers can claim it's whatever Class they want. This means that a Class 6 from someone like SanDisk will be much better than a Class 10 from Transcend.

I found 16Gb for $30:
and this one's a bit better of a bet, with 32Gb for $70


@trahentis: @novastarj also asked this question of the class 10. You posted a minute after my reply, so please see that and offer any suggestions. Thanks.


@mfladd: I don't have enough experience with Nooks or Android to tell you what read/write speeds you should be looking for. Mine was just a warning that brand is almost as important as the Class of card you get.
In short, beware of low quality. Because you definitely needed someone to tell you that.
Sorry I couldn't be more useful.


The general consensus seems to be that you can't go wrong with SanDisk. It also gives some benchmarks, and some older deals.

Those are primarily for lower capacity cards, however SanDisk seems consistently better than the competitors, even when the SanDisk is rated at a lower class.

My personal guess? SanDisk may be doing what CPU / GPU vendors have done - sell a higher-quality part as a lower quality one so you don't have to make two different parts. Or even use the almost-perfect Class 10 cards as Class 6 if their speeds aren't consistently high.

On July 25th, Costco has an online deal on a PNY 16GB Class 10. It was currently $30, the flier said up to $8.00 off in the PNY section (so hopefully it is more than $1.00 off?) so I'm taking my chances with that.


Thanks for the reply and thread (informative for NC). Unfortunately, Costco deal was done, and not a member anyway. Only Sam's in this neck of the woods.


@mfladd: Costco deal may have been an old one, but the new one starts on the 25th! (I triple-checked, have a bad habit of picking up items in-store BEFORE the associated coupons start...) If you have any friends and family in other parts of the country with a Costco, you could always ask them to buy it for you and pay them back.

Sam's tends to have pretty similar deals to Costco. I don't know if they send out fliers (don't think they used to) but that would be what to watch for.

I just bothered to check what I have in my NC - 8GB Class 6 Lexar. That was plenty for CyanogenMod to run at a comfortable speed. The link I posted above mentioned another Lexar card. If you can find a good deal on either a Lexar or SanDisk Class 6 or better, that would be my recommendation.


OP, I dunno if you bought a card yet, but this deal is good through 8/29. I was looking for a large and fast card for a NookColor, too. Large video transfers can take quite a while on slower cards, so I went with the Class 10.

ADATA 16GB Class 10 for $25 shipped, use promo code MEMFS for free shipping.


@novastarj: Actually, a NC will show issues with anything faster than a Class 6 card; especially trying to run something like Cyanogen from it. Supposition is that the card reader firmware may be unable to keep up with overly-fast responses and 'drops' data.