questionswho else is going to see the hunger games…


It looks good, but I haven't read any of the books so I have no idea what it's about other than hippos and tacos, and I'm not even sure those are 100% accurate.


The books are absolutely amazing!! And as long as you know about about the hippos you'll be fine.


Just saw the midnight opening and boy did it make us hungry!! We couldn't find any ball bearings or tacos though, so we settled for some McNuggets.


Went and saw it - really enjoyed it!
The theater full of teenagers - didn't enjoy that!

a few high schools had today off so the theaters were packed with HS kids


I'm not devoted enough to do more than opening weekends for new movies. We have a nearby theater that does 'midnight madness' and shows old movies Friday and Saturday nights (recent stuff includes Labyrinth, the original Matrix, etc.) and I will on occasion go to those, but after Harry Potter ended, so did my absolute need to be part of any 'midnight release' crowd.

I must be getting old.


My fiancee had to be up early this morning for some classroom observation, so the midnight showing was a no-go. That, and the fact that she hasn't finished the first book yet, and she has an issue with seeing movies before reading the accompanying books. So hopefully she'll be finished by Sunday so we can catch a late showing after she gets out of work.


I don't like crowded theaters, especially when they are crowded with tweens. I have plans to go see it with two of my kids over spring break (first week of April).


@jordan711 @alpayton: The teenage girls were annoying at parts, but overall they weren't too bad. I just could wait any longer to see it!