questionscan anyone help me with an hdmi cord question?


You can easily get away with a longer cable. At the lengths you're interested in the cable quality won't matter too much. I'd recommend Monoprice and just go with one of their cheaper cables in the length you need.


Any one that's of spec and decent quality one will be fine. My "goto" place for cables is ... here are their HDMI cables


Agree with the two earlier replies on Monoprice.

HDMI signals are digital, which means that they don't suffer from loss or distortion that you would get from an analog cable (such as composite cables). Because they're digital, either all of the signal makes it through or none of it gets through. You won't see ghosting or noise, you'll just see the picture breaking up badly if there's something wrong with the HDMI cables.

15 foot cables are no problem as long as they're well constructed (good connectors, sturdy boots around the connectors to keep the cable intact).


As usual, wooters be helping wooters. Thanks everyone.


I can't imagine you'd have any deterioration of quality. I have a 10 to 15 ft cable despite my PS3 being right next to the TV. I've never seen any lag or problems. Video quality occasionally drops, but that's the TV itself.


As a sidenote though, if you're looking to run the cable through a wall I'd get an insulated one for added deterioration and tear protection like this:


@dkalthoff: Thanks, I'm gonna triple check my measurements to make sure I won't have too little or way too much cord then I might pull the trigger since this is a good price. Not going to put it inside the wall, but $8.99 for the cord aint bad at all.


I just recently bought this 15' HDMI cable off of Amazon to play HD videos off the interwebz on my HD TV. I have had no issues with quality or sound. And the price is right too!


@czarkingkaiser: I ordered a monoprice one that was like 25 or 50 ft and it has always worked great. I travel alot and wanted to be able to jack my laptop into the hotel tv but mostly now it serves as the connection to my blu ray player to the tv less than 5 ft has never been a problem.

Moral of the story I wouldnt worry about the length so much having enough is always better than not enough...


No problems with extending or getting a longer HDMI cable.

Speaking of HDMI cables, I was a sucker for a HDMI Monster Cable back in 2008 and paid nearly $80 for it. Well, that cord is broken now because I use that same cord to travel with (do not bend HDMI cables!!) and there was no difference between that Monster Cable and a $5 replacement cable I bought from Amazon.

I hate monsters even more now..


Until you're approaching 50+ feet of cable, there should be absolutely no degradation of the signal. Even then, we're talking (very) minor losses.


Yay for Monoprice....another vote here!


@czarkingkaiser: Hey buddy, I got your back! I just posted a super nice HDMI cable the other day.

This right here is all you need and at a bargain price-


I got this one:

The cable is about an inch wide. The quality is perfect, we have people plugging and unplugging a laptop all the time with no issues.

@iggz: love the reviews.