questionsdoes anyone have any good gift ideas for parents?


How old are they, what's their activity level, and do you have siblings that are willing to chip in on a joint gift? There's a lot of variables here that will change what the wootizens will recommend.


Thats what mine always want...
So I guess I am getting them disappointment this year...


Without specific info about your parents, I suggest:

The current wine.woot offering of Balsamic Vinegar. If they cook, they'll treasure this. Oh heck, if they eat, they'll thank you forever.

A bottle of the new Jack Daniel's Frank Sinatra Select - if they enjoy bourbon. Or any other premium brand of the libation they drink.

If they're wine drinkers - perhaps some wine. And/or a Houdini wine opener. (They are excellent!)

If they read a lot - A Kindle e-reader. With some books pre-loaded. Many, many are free.


A price range would help in answering. If you were one of the powerball winners, buy them an RV with chauffer.

Food suggestions are usually good. They have had lots more years on the planet to collect any non-perishable items than you, but they will always need food. My step-father is a James Bond fan, but doesn't go to the movies anymore so any new Bond DVD works. My mother like to garden, so one year I got her 16 varieties of sunflower seeds.


@philosopherott: The least you can do is provide them with proof that you are actively trying very hard to make them grandchildren. That way they can't complain. "Look ma, I'm TRYING!"

I figure at this point your parents want experiences as opposed to things.

Perhaps a couples spa is in the cards, a nice dinner/night out, a weekend vacation to somewhere they want to go, etc.


Do you have kids for them to take pictures of? If so a nice camera may be a good idea. Maybe a micro 4/3 or something more compact.


@jsimsace: Oh! That was funny. :-) And yet, not. :-/