questionshave you seen the "investment banker date e-mail"?


Annddd.... that's what you get for playing with your hair. ;)


After being assaulted by his mind-numbing personality, she probably stepped in front of a bus and she is in a coma. Otherwise she would have SURELY contacted him by now. :-P

Note to self: NEVER touch your hair or make eye contact while in the presence of a delusional male...could be grounds for marriage.


There must be something wrong with her, he sounds like a real gem. And he certainly has keen social skills, as evidenced by this email. One date, wow.


I might be wrong here, but I think she hurt his feelings by playing with her hair, looking him in the eye, and NOT going out with him again.

After sitting through a meal with the Renaissance man who wrote that impeccable email, I would've promptly... done exactly what she did - no contact. Some guys are just creepy. He's one of them.


Wow, pretty funny! I wonder if he had attached a power point presentation with pie charts to this email.