questionsno more $5 all day shipping?????


Why does anything negative from woot surprise you? It's all about the Benjamins.


RIP "One day, One deal"

This is the woot I fell in love with.

This is the woot that I'm starting to hate.


technically it's not completely gone.

"Standard shipping is now $5 per order — just get all your stuff in one order, and it's basically the same thing."



PSST! They changed it to $5 per order shipping. Not all that different. Essentially, the only major effect will be woot-offs.


@thumperchick: I have gotten into the habit of purchasing an item that I want at midnight and then checking the site out throughout the day to see if anything pops up that I like and can get typically cheap. With the all you can ship, this was possible. Now, things like basketballs and Forever Lazy's will have to wait until I have something substantial in my cart. I'm sure this isn't that big of a deal to most but when I typically make a purchase, it always ends up being 3-5 items because of the free shipping.


@conanthelibrarian: That's how I tend to purchase too. It just means that at midnight, I'd stick something in my cart, then come back later in the day to browse around and complete a purchase.


Everyone will feel the change during the next woot-off.


@theoneill555: I won't. Think of all the stuff I will not buy because it is $5 too much.

I assume we cannot spend all day adding one thing to the cart, then at the end of the WOOT! Off, pay. (I could be wrong).


This looks like the end of My purchases unless I see an unreal deal, The only thing woot had going was the $5 shipping for one day not just one combined purchase.


@thumperchick: What if the item in your cart sells out , does the cart reserve the item or are you losing it when the sell out occurs.


@mybestuser1: It does not reserve the item. It will move the the "missed out" place in the cart where you can't buy it.


I admit it Woot, I eventually fell for your all day shipping after adjusting to it, I even bought some stuff that I wouldn't have cause I had unlocked shipping. But I feel like when things start to get comfortable, you do something to make it weird again.

Yes I know other people had been begging for the cart. I guess this means that most of the items have now been consolidated that a cart will go out in the same order for the most part. Good for you there. But now you are asking me to commit all up front instead of slowly throughout the day. I just don't know if I can do that.


@eraten: I think I started to shed a tear when I saw the old page. No mess, no dozens of mini-deals cluttering up the front page, no hundreds of spin-off sites. Just good ol' woot, shirt.woot and wine.woot....sniffle

Sorry, allergies are getting to me...


Maybe during woot! offs they could unlock $5 flat rate shipping


@eeekdageek: With the multiple locations that Amazon/woot ships from I would be very surprised if they can reinstate $5 shipping for woot offs.. Last woot off I ordered 3 different sigg bottles and they were shipped from 3 different locations.


So will shipping to multiple destinations now be $5 per destination?


At least it looks like ( for now) Tshirts will still ship free. I buy them the most these days.


The shopping cart wasn't my idea...I preferred $5/day shipping. Can't we vote on it?


@mybestuser1: Totally agree. This is a major step backward. Not happy with this one at all.


Thought I could buy more today. Now I won't.


I just missed a deal because of the new policy. I put it in my cart but hadn't checked out because I was still shopping. It sold out before checkout.

No big deal for Woot because they sold out. The next customer's money is as good as mine.

No big deal for me either, since it was an item I can easily do without. Most of the items I buy on Woot aren't necessities.

Woot, like any business, is doing this to make money. There's nothing wrong with that. I'll still shop here. I may or may not buy as many items as I have in the past. Like always, I'll compare the total cost of a Woot product (including shipping), with other retailers. I'll buy from the place that gives me the best price.

Woot is betting this will improve their bottom line and it they might be right.

If they are wrong, they'll try something else. They might even go back to the way it was.


Of all the changes that's gone on here, this is the worst.

100+ woots from me, black triangle, but I spent an hour last night checking out new deal sites to hang out at.


I'm done with Woot purchases other than maybe a few Kids Plus Deals and maybe the random shirts..

but impulse buys are no more.


Just when I thought Woot Offs couldn't get any worse... here ya go. Major step backwards in that department.

For the rest of the time, not a huge deal. Just order everything at once. Let's face it, the chances of things selling out quickly aren't like they used to be.


I'm with the crowd who will be cutting the impulse buys for woot offs. It's a lot easier to say "why not?" when there isn't that $5 shipping tacked onto spare earbuds, usb cables, and other bits and bobs I might otherwise purchase.

On a smaller scale it will also change my normal wooting, as I appreciate a good internal debate over whether or not I need a new spaghetti scoop, while I definitely have use for those sleep sacks I'm going to purchase now before the size thing 2 is in are sold out. If I have to decide on the extras right away, there's less of a chance I'll talk myself into the additional purchase.


@bluejester: You're getting misty over 2009? This is the Woot! that I miss. It was never the same after they changed the site from purple and white to peas and carrots back in July, 2005.


Was looking to make a purchase on our current woot-off. Decided not to with the item in the cart when I found out about the policy change. Nice going woot.

Instead of charging for multiple orders, you should be like your parent company, Amazon and figure out how to pack your boxes and ship cost-effectively. With woot, I would say half the time, the boxes are mostly full of air.


Sad. I mean I will still buy stuff when it is a really good deal but to be honest about 70% or more of my woot off buys are impulse spending because I have already unlocked $5 shipping. I think they are going to lose money on this.

I could be wrong. In any case, for the first time in a LONG time I have turned not turned on twitter notifications on my phone today. I don't need to know what is on the woot-off because I refuse to tack on $5 to every dang item.


There's no point for a woot-off anymore because even if its a good deal, you have to pay separate shipping for each item you buy as the woot-off continues throughout the day. I think my love affair with woot has been crushed by a harsh reality.


@ginawoot: according to their shipping details: if it ships to one address on one order it's $ multiple addresses are $5 each. boo.


@thumperchick: I frequently bought less expensive things only because the shipping was free. Five dollars is a huge percentage of the price of, for example, the $6.99 whale hat I was about to buy my kid, and now will not.

Even for moderately expensive things, it often makes the difference. I have many times bought something during a woot-off on the theory that it isn't worth the combined price, but I'll probably buy more things later, that also wouldn't have been worth it. Sometimes I never found anything else, and they therefore doubly gained.

Now, I won't be buying those things, in the first place. Including the whale hat.


Well they just helped me save some money. They got rid of the $5.00 shipping and they lose quite a few sells from me..especially during this woot-off. I didn't see it in time that I got charged for the shipping (for my 2nd order) so I wrote them and said "Cancel my order since I'm also paying for shipping." A deal isn't a deal with that shipping charge tacked on!


No more free shipping all day blows! Was getting ready to buy a racquet for $14 to add onto the $100 for some shoes earlier today... Not gonna do it now.

Woot - you frequently disappoint me more and more as time goes on. I thought the idea was to frequently delight customers, not frequently disappoint.


@rbarger: Oh dear, I'm so very sorry you didn't read this question when it was posted. Had you done that, you might have seen the Shopping Cart. You can still purchase all items you wish in 1 day, and shipping will only be 5 bucks. No matter how many items you add to your cart in 1 day, you still only pay $5.

This doesn't work on woot-offs because of sell-outs. Still, it is a good price for multiple purchases. You might attempt to write to woot and beg them to combine your orders.


@gmwhit: I saw the shopping cart, and used it. I purchased two items for $5 shipping. However, I didn't know that later in the day, when they posted another item available, that the $5 all day shipping was gone. I shouldn't have to ask them to combine orders. It should just work like that automagically.


@rbarger: Sorry you don't 'get' it. The shopping cart works all day. Nothing is magic here. ;-)


Screw this, I just bought something, then wanted to buy something else, but now they are trying to hit me for another $5. I am done with Woot! from here on out.

Woot! you are no longer on my favorites.


just made my last purchase from woot. Its a woot off and just found out that $5 all day shipping is gone. Good bye, its been fun


This definitely changes my buying habits during a Woot-Off, the $5 shipping for the day made it worth it, and really gave you the feel of getting a bargain, I will miss the Woot-Off, but my money will be sent on Amazon from now on.


I just wrote them a note, as I hadn't noticed this in a while. I don't have that many woot purchases, but I am asking they cancel the three more today..


I want amazon prime shipping on woot. I'm annoyed by the $5 per order setup as well.


Today is a woot off and usually I find several items to buy, but now with $5 shipping per item instead of all items purchased throughout the day, I will not be buying any items during the woot off. They are losing my future business.


Ha, just found out about this too. I bought 1 thing already, but had been about to buy a second when i saw the shipping charge. Guess I'm outta here...
They should really implement the old policy during a woot-off.


Just cost them a sale here.


@conanthelibrarian: I would do the same thing as you. In fact i didn't know until today that they changed things. I ordered something at 1am thinking i had all day to shop with the one charge of $5 to ship…and now this morning i come to find out that things have changed and its not the case. I guess i will be shopping less from them.


I just noticed this change by seeing all the items I bought in the woot-off a few days ago having shipped separately. I would cancel some of those orders if I could. Separate shipping makes the small stuff not worth it. The surprise makes me want to beat my flying screaming monkey.