questionsare you going to celebrate halloween on the 31st…


can someone kindly remind me why we're collectively downvoting @jrsulli369 's questions with a vengeance?


Because someone else started it. Now we must all jump on the bandwagon and continue! (I up voted :D)


In terms of the topic, I plan on celebrating this weekend AND on Monday. Parties start tonight!

(I do not understand the downvoting but I'll not contribute to that. UPVOTED.)


Wow... tough crowd last night so many down votes... sorry if I pi$$ed in someones post toasties.. Thanks Pinchecat and Dempsie for not blindly following the masses :)


you tell that one stoplight town that you won't take their lippy lipservice and you'll celebrate like a true Amuuuurrrrican! when you feel like it!