questionswhich online jewelry store is your favorite placeā€¦


Kmart. Because like the commercial says, every kiss begins with K.


liquidation channel. have bought lots of jewelry and 98% is great.


I have 2 places for you :

J.H. Breakell & Co has so very nice and unique jewelry all made in their RI facility.
Right now they are having a sale ! Code for sale is on home page of site
They focus more on fantastic metal ( gold and sterling) work. There are some stones, but that isn't their main thing.

Another fav of mine is Sundance catalog
Check out the outlet tab for some nice deals.


I will add another little known secret place of great deals . Sssssshh....
Not publicized.
But if you and/or the person you are buying for likes John Hardy. This is the only site that is blessed by JH to sell designs at a discount. They may be overstocks or last year's design. IOW, Limited sizes and styles.
But oh they have nice nice stuff for some amazing deals.

Jewelry Gal

PS on the JH Breakell in my previous post, I wanted to add that it's all handmade.


I thought I didn't have any answers, till I realized I've also shopped at the JH Breakell site in the past (when I had more discretionary money available), and their creations are lovely.


@ceagee: Thank you! That's completely new to me. Wonderful. There will be a very very happy girl in February. :)


@lll0228: Which one did you like ? Curious.


@ceagee: ugh, I think my wife would love most of what I saw on that site but the ring sizes don't go low enough.


@nmchapma: You mean the John Hardy site ?

You can ask and see if something is ok to get sized down by local jeweler. Some rings can be sized , some can't by they way they are made. You can also email and ask them to let you know if they get a certain size you are looking for in. { She sells on ebay too, so I don't know if she has different stock or not. Worth asking} OR
You can always have it be for the middle finger : ) It's actually nice to have rings that fit for that and it's usu. a size bigger then the ring finger. Just a thought.

Same for any of the sites actually. Although anything at Breakell they will size, since they make them.


@ceagee: her engagement ring is a 3.25 :D I'll ask but I think that's just too big a difference


@nmchapma: Yikes ! that's tiny. Most places a 5 is as low as they go. You are going to need something that can be sized for that.
How about some nice earrings ? Those are one size fit all !! LOL

Good luck !


@lll0228: ooo they are both very nice.
I'm kinda partial to the amethyst myself.

And the other one is so versatile.
She'll be very happy and lucky either way .

Maybe you should get both !
You could always send one to me : D


@lll0228: Actually, the more I stare the more I like the first one. Classic, timeless, sharp.
And I know JH stuff and it's so well made and it's going to be even more gorgeous in person.
They both will be. Crud. They are so different.
How will you choose.
Well you know your wife. You can't go wrong either way.

I like jewelry shopping-- even if I'm not buying ! Can you tell ?