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Trust me, I've left comments over on that question, and other places, suggesting that any system with such poor feedback is counterproductive to whatever behavior they're hoping for... Wait just a minute. I just realized, this all fits into their clever plan. You and I are already doing whatever it is that they want, so no need to update ours. Other people who might need encouragement get much quicker updates.

What's really interesting (in a sucks for me kind of way) is that my percentage has stayed right where it is for days, but my spot in the list has changed dramatically. First a wild swing out to (ISTR) 109 or so, and now at 26 (last I looked). This means that all those people between me and the top positions have been recalculated, and have lost.

I'm starting to miss the old one. At least there was real feedback. I'd have liked to see where I was on the day when I was voting for not-crabs. Too bad, that one's long past now.


NOT #CHAT!!! If I wanted it in #chat, I'd have tagged it #chat. #Meta is NOT #chat. Please take that tag off, I think the question deserves enough visibility to get an answer. Please, kindly.

Or change the #meta tag so it doesn't quarantine messages to the weeds. Actually, AND change the tag so it doesn't. Again, please, kindly.

As long as I'm here, though, @josefresno & @shawnmiller for an answer to the question :o)


@shrdlu: Yup, I totally get the percentage thing. My percentage actually dropped .05%, and my position rose about 40 places.

Color me baffled. I'm starting to think the rep & rank are governed by a borked D&D dice roller (rolls 8d6+2 saving throw). That, coupled with the lady viking's suggestion that we are actually being moderated by Magic 8 Ball...

(I tease, you guys are great!)


@dosquatch: What are you complaining about? Mine was last updated 2011 years ago!

Fortnights would be an improvement LOL


@jumbowoot: are you also working on that pesky comment bug?

I don't care about my rep. I would just like to be able to see all the comments. Please, pretty please, with sugar on top.


My rep went down about .6% I dropped about 30 places. During the time between updating, I posted 2 deals, one went popular and was among the top voters several times. Not sure why I dropped.


@colonelpuffpuff: Yes. We're working on the comment bug as well.


@dosquatch: We got a roulette wheel here in Seattle with everyone's name on it. Every once and a while @shawnmiller gives it a spin. If the ball bounces into your slot, a set of instructions is printed out and mailed to an intern in TX who types your username manually into a Timex Sinclair 1000 which calculates your new rep score. We are waiting on the 16K RAM pack to help speed this process up a bit.


@josefresno: [loads flounder from way last year... THWACK THWACKTHWACK]

Ah, much better. Now I just need a shower to wash off the backscatter. I need to remember the hazmat suit for next time.


@josefresno: What?? Dude, have I got a deal for you - I'll donate a TI99/4A to the cause. All the processing power of a sinclair, and a full sized keyboard to boot! I may even still have an expansion module so you could give it one of those hard drive thingies :)

(Dodges the flat fish sent flying his way)


Thank you, jumbowoot.

@meyerk0: You should have gone up as a little birdie I know voted on some of your deals and comments but I also noticed that the Viking has dropped also, maybe there was a recalculation recently.


woo hoo! Got updated 4 minutes ago AND yesterday! How did I get so lucky?


Mine says it was updated 22 hours ago and shows me in 2nd place for Reputation and and Dashboard. That seems to be a good clue as to its validity.