questionszmodo pkd-dk40107 manual?


I'm not finding one through google. I would try emailing the company and asking them for a PDF


I did send an email to Zmodo yesterday. No response. Usually Woot includes a link to the manual, it seems that Zmodo doesn't want the manual to get into the wild.


It may not help at all, but you might try e-mailing Most likely they have some connections with the manufacturer and might be able to get the manual for you.


The manual is supposed to come on the CD but I couldn't find it there either; however, I did find it on their website under the DVR-H9124V:

Just click on Downloads and select the Manuals tab and you'll see the 4/8-channel H.264 DVR User Manual. Its strange that they did not put these downloads on the PKD-DK40107 page.