questionsharrison ford will return as han solo!?


I had heard a rumor a while back that Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels were also returning to play Leia, Luke and C3PO, but it's hard to say until it's confirmed somewhere. has them all listed as returning.

I had also seen something saying Billie Dee Williams was going to play Lando as well but it's not showing listed on IMDB.

I sure hope the rumors are true -- it would be a good way to make sure the movies weren't ruined by sub-par acting. HAYDEN-COUGH-CHRISTENSEN-COUGH. Then all they'd have to worry about is the writing and directing... and special effects... and plot holes...


and jarjar binkses.... trixy little jarjars, always after the precioussssss.


Spoiler: He'll be completely deaf from that walking carpet yelling in his ears all those years.


@capguncowboy: "writing and directing... and special effects... and plot holes..." Yeah, that's all, shouldn't be a problem at all. ;o)

Yeah this could be amazing. If it works it might even start a trend.