questionswhere do you buy custom-designed t-shirts?


I used redbubble once. I was not happy with the price ($28). However, they were the only site I found able to provide exactly the shirt I wanted at the time. I was very pleased with their service and with the quality. I simply have an aversion to paying that much for a t-shirt.


@mamajamerson: It seems like a ridiculous price but at the same time, I don't know how to print t-shirts at home. Maybe it's time to invest in a print screener... or presser... or whatever they use lol.


@pulsetv: Agreed, while I cringed at the price, I paid it in order to get what my son wanted.

I did, though, take a look at the site you mentioned. I've bookmarked it for future reference. Might save me a buck or two in the future.


@mamajamerson: Totally! I think CustomInk caters better to small-batch orderers. I was hoping someone would post about a site that's even cheaper.


I haven't ordered any stuff at CustomInk however I got some shirts and tank tops from this website and I only have to pay around $6 for each shirt.

vote-for0vote-against is also a nice place to get custom-designed t-shirts. As I remember, their price is good and they have good shipping options also their online tool allows us to create our own clothing with their T-Shirt Designer. With all options to change size, colour of design as well as adding text and more. I hope this will help.


I print and design custom tshirts - I offer 24 1-color shirts for only $6 each