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@adadavis: Thanks!

But that brings another question to mind: most of the descriptions say FROM the Dr Seuss collection. Exactly how many unique Dr Seuss books are there?! I didn't even think there were that many!


The problem is that he wrote under more than one name, and not all of his books were for children. Some books were collections of shorter works, and some are no longer available, so the numbers vary.
Reasonably good list of children's books:


Also, some of the books remembered as Seuss books actually aren't, like Are You My Mother? and Go Dog Go which are both by P.D. Eastman. I think people get confused because these were part of Random House's Beginner Books line, which was founded by Seuss and so every book had a Cat in the Hat logo on the cover.


@starblind: FYI, $270 is for the used book set. New starting @ $699.


This is definitely one of those products that would be easy to find used at book sales, garage sales, libraries, etc. People don't need the books after their children are older, millions have been sold, and they are books, they're pretty hardy.


@90mcg112: Seconded. Go to garage sales. They're usually $0.25-$1.00 each.


I can remember getting them for my daughter when she was young (she's 20 now) and they cost about $5-$15 each. So, yes. They have always been expensive.