questionsanyone play poker? the wsop is starting soon.


I'm looking for someone to front me the 10k buy in, if you want in let me know lol


What is the definition of "reasonably priced"? If it's the 10K previously mentioned, I don't think you'll find too many wooters in attendance.

And what ever happened to poker on tv? It used to be on all the time and I actually became familiar with the big names. I don't see it on anymore, and I kind of miss it.


There was a great show on GSN of all places (Game Show Network). It was a cash game played mostly by big names and well known cash players. Was a lot of fun to watch since it didn't have the structure of tournaments. Lots of side bets, flops run twice, etc. My favorite was the round where if anyone won the pot with a 7-2 (The worst hand in Hold 'Em) they won they pot AND everyone at the table had to also pay them 500 bucks.


@pitamuffin: the popularity had a definite peak and decline. I imagine the viewership was similar to the number of players entering. Check the pot sizes for the WSOP and they'll follow the same pattern.


Buy-ins are from 1500 on up. The majority of them range 1500 to 5000. We are talking 61 events over a 6 week period.


That Poker After Dark show is on the station that used to be Versus (I think NBC Sports) now.


@bingo969: You were thinking of "High Stakes Poker" on GSN. It was great until the final season with Norm MacDonald replacing Gabe Kaplan. I thought Norm would do well, but he was just far too dry for the job. Though it likely would have gotten the axe after that season even had Norm done well due to "Black Friday"

For those who don't know, "Black Friday" was the day when the US government clamped down on the major online poker sites and seized their assets. Some players got their money back, many didn't. However, because online qualifiers were such a big source of prize money for the WSOP and other major tourneys, the number of entrants has plummeted for both WSOP and WPT events.

And because sites like Full Tilt and Poker Stars were the big ad buyers for shows like "High Stakes Poker" and "Poker After Dark," those and other shows have disappeared.

But by far the best tv poker show was "Celebrity Poker Showdown" with Dave Foley and Phil Gordon getting drunk along with the players.