questionswhat chain restaurant are you the most fond of?


Taco Cabana. I eat there more often than all the other chains put together. I love their refried beans and their salsa verde, and the Cabana Bowl is a value that's hard to beat. After that, Subway. Cheapest and most convenient way to get a pile of fresh veggies when I am craving one. For pizza, lately Dominoes. Their handmade crust pizza is surprisingly good. I almost never eat at sit-down chain restaurants. The local eateries are too good and too reasonably priced to eat sit-down chain food.


Chipotle. Followed by 5 Guys. Or In-n-out if I'm on the West Coast. L&L is pretty awesome too.


Red Robin. It is the best ever. It's a damn good burger for a chain and as a vegetarian, the fact that I can get a veggie burger is awesome. Though that's becoming more and more common, but that wasn't the case 5 to 10 years ago.



It's probably the only chain restaurant my wife and I ever go to. The prices are good, the service is great, and if you do happen to have an issue, they are overly helpful.


@thedogma: I have always heard so many good things about Red Robin so I decided to check one out. I ordered a burger and the lettuce had a squished fly on it. It looked like then pushed the lettuce onto him and killed him as the blood was still fresh on the lettuce.

This can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME to ANYONE. It was just a bad first time experience for me.


Though I don't eat out often, there are 3 that I enjoy:

The Outback - love their coconut shrimp! The Bloomin' Onion is tasty; best when it's free!

The Olive Garden - Nice for quasi-Italian food. ;-)

Too-Jay's because they still serve sauteed chicken livers.


5 Guys.

In the bar & grill format, it's Chili's. I can't get enough of their Chips 'n Salsa. Usually, I fill up on that, eat 5 bites of my entrée and take the rest home.

Red Robin is a good 3rd place.


@coondogg97: Oh man, that's real unfortunate. There's also the possibility that that particular RR just happened to be crummy. Chains always have bad eggs every now and then. I would suggest giving them another try if you can, they are quite delicious. Perhaps a different location, if there is more than one near you.


Rudy's Bar-B-Q. The best "budget" barbecue I've had and dependably good food across all locations. Whataburger is usually a good bet for a quick stop.


Chili's is usually my go-to mainly because they have Guinness on tap.


Tilted Kilt

(Also salsarita's is da bomb for chain burritos)

j5 j5

i'm gonna go with Cracker Barrel...

fried chicken, pancakes, hashbrown casserole, apple butter, etc. i'm hungry.


@j5: Ohhhh, good call.. Have only been there once, but it was fantastic!


@jsfs: Are you in west Texas? We have Rudy's BBQ here but I didn't think it was a chain.


Culvers for inexpensive burgers followed by the more expensive Red Robin.
Chipotle for Mexican followed by Qdoba(use to be the other way around but nearest Qdoba is 4x Chipotle :(
Olive Garden for Italian.
Quizons for subs.


Pop-eyes! (Does fast food chicken count?)


@moondrake: Austin isn't usually considered "west," but I am in Texas. I've seen Rudy's locations at least as far north as Waco and down into the Houston area, and their site says they're in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma as well as all over Texas.

Speaking of Tex-Mex/Mexican food, Chuy's is an excellent chain (though the locations on 183 and on Barton Springs have the best food), and for burritos it's very hard to beat Freebirds.


Like @kfujita I have a hard time passing up a Cracker Barrel. Excellent food at an excellent price.


I recently tried a Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill that recently opened up near where I shop. It was good food and I like that many familiar Mediterranean condiments and pita's made in the store can be bought separately to use at home.

Papouli's Greek Grill also makes good Greek food.

However, the best Mediterranean food I have ever eaten was found at Pasha's Mediterranean Grill. It tastes authentic and you are presented with a huge piece of Na'an and some Za'atar as an appetizer the way places like Chile's serves chips and salsa.

For burgers I enjoy Chester's Hamburgers. Culver's and Freddy's are pretty good, as well.

For Tex-Mex I go for a small, family restaurant. Most chain stores just don't taste as good as that kind of cooking.


@jjeff: Another Culvers and Red Robin fan here.

Unfortunately, Culvers hasn't made it to the West Coast, yet. Once a year I go back east and get my fill of Culver's and White Castle (I know that the greasy little sliders are not considered good but I am addicted).


@jsfs: I first had Rudy's when I lived in Albuquerque,NM there it was my favorite BBQ place. However I tried the one by OU in Norman, OK and it was a big let down. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it was nowhere near the quality of the Abq locations.

As for the OP's question, I would have to say P.F Chang's is my favorite chain restaurant.


@jsfs: I wonder if our Rudy's is the same chain. Personally I prefer southern style BBQ over southwestern. I'll take pulled pork over brisket any day. There are a couple of home grown soul food southern BBQ places around the gates to Ft. Bliss that I like a lot better than Rudy's. In Austin, I like Salt Lick for BBQ. A very unique take on BBQ sauce.


Good God, people! Lots of gross restaurants (IMO, of course).

Yard House!


@theoneill555: Sliders are great too! Heck the wife and I have spend the last 19! valentine day dinners at White Castles white table cloth dinner. It's a hoot and decent food to boot. You've got to make reservations well ahead of time, I generally I do it the earliest I can which is the day after the new year. They use to give out Polaroid photos but for the last 5 years or so it's been digital and you log onto their website to print the photo.


Red Lobster for sea food.

Who cares about the bar. I'm going out for the food.


@theoneill555: You don't get to complain. You've got In 'n Out.


@jjeff: I have always wanted to go for Valentine's Day dinner but I have never been in the area in February (besides the other half HATES White Castle)

@omnichad: Would you believe that I have never had an In-N-Out burger and I have lived on the West Coast most of my life?


Whenever I go down to Texas, Whataburger is a stop that I need to make.


Red Robin, hands down.

btw, most of the locals here in Cincinnati (where they originated) don't think White Castles are nearly as good as they used to be. Something about they're no longer allowed to put the onions on the grill, or something like that.


Carrabas for Italian and P.F. Changs for Chinese


Applebees...for the Perfect Margaritas.


I love to eat out for breakfast, so my vote is for Cracker Barrel.


I'll vote for Cracker Barrel, too!

Also Waffle House for Hash Browns - Scattered, Smothered, Covered, and Chunked!


@theoneill555: They have them in the Dallas area and I got to try an "Animal style" burger there this past summer. Definitely blows Culver's out of the water. If you like Culver's, give them a shot. I love Culver's double Deluxe burger, but In 'n Out is definitely better.


I've fallen in love with Mooyah!
Like 5 Guys, but better toppings and choices. Plus they have awesome shakes
5 Guys fries are better though.

On the Border is awesome mexican food.


@pooflady: I took my wife to White Castle to try it recently. Wasn't nearly as good as I remember. The griddle had plenty of onions to steam the meat with, but almost none of them made it to the sandwich - they all stuck to the spatula. I haven't been back so I don't know if it's just a bad location or not.

The idea behind White Castle is genius - hamburger patties steamed on a bed of grilled onions. But they use rehydrated dried onions and frozen burger squares, so they don't even live up to their own dream. I'll have to try to make them that way myself sometime.


When I lived in Atlanta I couldn't get enough Chik-fil-A or Zaxby's!

The only good thing at Applebee's is the Appetizer Sampler - pub grub at its finest!