questionswould you like to hear about customer service?


Expedia and those other travel sites never work for me, I typically use them to search fora hotel and read reviews, but I end up booking thru the hotel directly. 9 out of 10 times I'm able to secure a government rate, so that is probably why.

On another note, just because somebody is in another country or has an accent it DOES NOT make them uneducated. The lady you spoke with probably speaks multiple languages better than you can speak English. She was just doing her job to the standard of the company she is working for; she is required to say certain things and probably ignore your questions. Can you blame her for doing her job? I'll keep this civil and hold my tongue (or fingers.) Please try to be less ignorant in the future.


I too am in a customer-service type of job, and I occasionally get miserable people like you on my phone. They insist on having a service we don't provide; they demand that we fix a problem they created that we can't change; they complain that we don't offer something they want or that we require something of them they don't want to provide.

How many languages do you speak? Why do you think the person you were talking to is "uneducated" because she couldn't do what you wanted? Most people working in customer service on the phone are heavily scripted and prohibited from veering away from their script. Unless she was openly rude (and it doesn't sound as if she was), then she was doing her job as she's required to do it.

Perhaps your own frustrations from work are coloring your response, but sounds to me as if you expected something she couldn't provide and you're resorting to insulting her to relieve your annoyance. Very unattractive.


Basicly, if you have a problem with Expedia, post your gripe on Expedia. This is Woot, we can't help you here.


I am curious what made you think you could get the rate cheaper by calling? Curious to know if this works sometimes.

As for support positions, remember she can only provide what the company allows. She was simply trying to help y get you a cheaper hotel, can't fault someone for that.


I'm rather curious about something. Did you post this question after you posted the comment below, or before?

It almost seems as though you're trying to go down in flames. Maybe you should take a break from deals for a few days, and try not to take your bad day out on others.

Most of my customer service experiences have been pleasant, but then, I understand what the person on the other end of the line can do, and do my best to ask for fixes that i know are possible. Sometimes I don't like the answer, but that's not the fault of the person on the other end of the line.

Lighten up, Francis.


@hackman2007: I have booked several times through Travelocity and they have given me 50 dollar credits anytime I have called over the phone the book. I just say "It is too expensive, can we make it any cheaper?" Works like a charm, although I think each agent only has so many times to do that each month. IT works great for eating up any taxes on the hotel itself.


@magic cave: Hmm. maybe so, but I did not insult her, like I said I was polite and then hung up. By uneducated I do not mean smarts either, I mean in the way of understanding. Obviously, if someone cannot understand or does not care in what you are asking, then they should not be in customer service.


@newgen87: Oh, so you're one of those people who takes a one time credit and gets it a few times, then expects it every time? I'm sure that rep really appreciated you hanging up on them.