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So my question is, are there any organizations or something that my parents can contact to receive some sort of help for his care? We really want him to get the care he needs and will give him up if that's really the only option, but I just want to know if there's another way. Like I said he's very loved and we really want what's best for him...
Has anybody been in a similar situation or know somebody that has?


CareCredit is meant to help with vet bills. I googled it and came across this page which will hopefully lead to a good resource for you:

Best wishes to the pup in question.


You can start a kickstarter campaign. (I would recommend Chipin, but it's shutting down and you can't start a new account.) Advertise it on your FB wall, post it here, ask friends with connections to other dog lovers to post it on their walls.

Care Credit is also possible if they qualify for it. From what I remember, the interest rates are high but it's not difficult to qualify.

Good luck and keep us updated.


@agingdragqueen: Thank you, I passed that on to my mom.


I am a veterinarian in Redmond WA. The fact that this sort of thing has happened before strongly suggests chronic pancreatitis. This is frequently confirmed with blood tests. The possibility of an abdominal mass is disconcerting, but be aware these "masses" are often phantom in nature and disappear on followup exam. Additional xrays after swallowing barium is often cheaper and more informative than an abdominal ultrasound.

In terms of cost reduction, you could insist on "best guess" therapy rather than additional diagnostics. If this dog is a particular breed, there may be a breed group in your area that could help. We do lots of work with different rescue groups, especially Seattle Pug Rescue. Some vets, especially specialists, have an "Angel Fund" they can tap for special needs, it doesn't hurt to ask.


@curli76: Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked Kickstarter out and it says your project need a product, no charity or cause projects.


You also might investigate with your vet putting a payment plan together. Times are tough, and people's pets are dear to them. Vets get it, they do.

Best of luck to the doggie!


Have you thought about having another vet look at your pooch? When our woof had a tumor our vet gave us a quote of almost $2000 for the surgery (supposedly tricky surgery on a very large dog). We really debated on whether or not to get him the surgery and as I was talking to a friend at work, they suggest that I try their vet (a fourth generation vet that truly loves animals). The new vet gave us a quote that was half of the original quote and his specialty was surgery on very small animals. Needless to say our woof got his surgery and lived for many more years and had a fantastic new vet that we still recommend to anyone that needs one.


So it's not looking good. After checking around, my parents were only approved $500 from Care Credit and all other organizations my mom checked had no more funds to give. There's still a couple things to check, but our dog needs care soon.


Sorry; I really wish Chipin wasn't shutting down. But maybe you can set up a Paypal fund?


I just dropped $1,200 in vet bills plus some additional related costs two weeks ago as my dog came down with acute pancreatitis. Because he's had a long history of gastrointestinal trouble I did not take him to the vet right away when he started showing signs of distress, but tried palliatives that worked in the past for him. By the time I realized this was something more than the usual problems, he was a pretty sick puppy. It was a hard hit only two weeks before my property taxes came due and I had to do some creative financing to pay my tax bill on time. I'll be short for a few months till I recover from that hit, but my dog is fine now. So I definitely feel your pain.


Are your folks anywhere within driving distance of a university with a veterinary school? They usually have teaching-clinic facilities. If there's one in your state that not close, I'd say give them a call and ask if they have any satellite clinics or arrangements with other vet practices in the state.

Also call your local humane society for suggestions; they may know of doctors who will work with your folks.


One of my dogs needed a $2,800 surgery a couple years ago. We definitely could not afford it on our own. I work in web design & development and started a raffle—for each $1 donation, I gave an entry into the raffle. I posted on Facebook and a lot of my friends shared it. People donated because they cared about me, they cared about my dog, or simply because they wanted a chance at a website for cheap. I also advertised the raffle in my signature for various forums I posted in. I used ChipIn for the donations (sucks that it's going away now) and I was able to make a big dent in the cost. We put the rest on credit cards and eventually paid it off. Maybe you or someone in your family have a skill or goods that you can barter with?

I hope you find a way to get the help you need. Good luck!


Good idea on the vet school if your family is within driving distance to one. I have a friend who spends a day on the road each direction to get her dog the necessary high-end vet care she needs at a vet school in Louisiana. Her pup wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the vet school. Friends and family chip in what they can and she has done fundraisers. Every little bit helps. Good luck!


I second the opinions of the resident vet @nortonsark. Plus, the barium series sometimes - sometimes, helps to push out the blockage. Like if the pup ate a bit of cloth that's impacted him. I've had several done for ferrets, who are prone to eating anything they shouldn't. Run the barium, pinpoint the blockage area, open puppy up and fix. If fixable, that is. Forgo the additional testing money and use it for surgery.

Plus, beg on facebook. It works wonders. Paypal donations build up fast.
Good luck to your furry buddy.


I didn't know about Chopin. Sorry to hear its mega-owner has decided it's not worth continuing.

I Googled "chipin alternatives" and found a number of pages with lists of fundraising sites and comments. Perhaps you could try raising funds from your intimate and your wider (internet) social circles at one of those sites (tho check them out first of course.)


I would like to think everyone for their help. Unfortunately there just wasn't the time to explore more options. Taisho (our dog) was getting worse so my mom had to make the difficult decision and surrender him so he could get the care he needs and deserves. It's a horrible loss for our family, but hopefully it means he can go on to live a healthy, long life.


Oh it's so sad they surrendered him.

I did wonder if it is possible for your folks to still be in touch with his vet/caregiver during his illness? (it would be most comforting for him to help him recover to not be cut off from the people he loves!)

and could they maybe get him back if the final diagnosis isn't serious and they can cover his vet charges or if they can be put on a payment plan to payback the vet bills he racks up?


@hessem: I wondered the same thing.

We found out today that he had to be put down, evidently the mass was a growth and there wasn't anything more we could do. At least he is not suffering anymore...


@miyoshinum5: I've been nursing the flu for most of the last 24 hours and didn't get to check back on your fur-baby's status till just now.

I'm so very sorry to hear that your family lost him. They did the brave and loving thing by releasing him for care (and if that isn't a sucked-up situation, I don't know what is), and I hope that gives them and you some small comfort.

We get so much love from them for such a relatively short time, and the ultimate heartbreak is what we pay for that love, I guess.


@magic cave: Thank you so much. It does help my mom to know that she did what she had to. It's been a rough couple of days, but it's good to know he isn't in pain.