questionswhat's the best deal on a new style xbox 360…


Depends on what you want with your system. Do you want 4GB of space, 250GB of space? Kinect?

Do you need a new computer and are you a student? (That's probably the best deal, 360 for "free" with $699 computer)

If you had a 250GB HDD on the old system, buy a case and move it to the new system. Works fine, saves cash.

I'm not finding any current deals (though some may exist), but in general:

Don't buy the 4GB model (w/o Kinect) for anything more than $199.99 with a $50 gift card bonus. (So around $149.99 if you consider the gift card to be money off...)

Same for the 250GB Kinect bundle, don't buy that for more than $399.99 /w $50 gift card.

Those are the main "deals" I know of. I know we got a similar deal on a 4GB + Kinect bundle back in Feb with the gift card. WalMart had a deal with a bunch of stuff instead of the gift card, like a Xbox Live card and an extra controller. If you can wait a couple of weeks, another $50 off deal is bound to pop up. Maybe even sooner.


@apfrehm: Thanks, that's all good info. I'm looking for a 250gb without a kinnect. I wish it would have held off until September because I would really like the gears of war special edition but can't wait that long. The amazon deal is the best I could find right now too. I'm not really looking for controllers or accessories because I I already have the max amount. I want to get a slim because with the better vent I'm hoping to not have the same problem.