questionscomcast or at&t?


Depends on your weather. A satellite dish cuts out at the very most inconvenient of times, if you are prone to bad weather. I didn't know that AT&T was a service provider. I thought they just had cell phone coverage that sucked. Oh wait, it's SBC renamed. I forgot.

I've had a phone/land line from Charter. Biggest mistake EVER. I now have a Verizon/Frontier landline (Verizon's doing its very best to shed that business, and Frontier is taking over those accounts). I'm not really clear on what it is you are looking for, or wanting.

TV/Cable? I wasn't aware you had much choice there. There's usually ONE cable service, and ONE satellite service (although in my area there seem to be three of the latter, so I could be way off base on that). You can get internet from many satellite providers, but I strongly recommend against it, since the latency is BRUTAL. Is AT&T providing your current phone service? Do they (or other) provide FIOS?

I'd ask more, but I'm hoping for clearer details.


@shrdlu: Well, we live in the Chicago land area so the weather is a trip. (Snow, wind, and thunderstorms every now and then).

What exactly am I looking for? I should of put that in the question.
With AT&T I'd be stuck with a dish for TV since U-Verse isn't offered in my area. If someone has experience with a dish, does it cut out in heavy, moderate, or light: Rain, snow, fog, clouds. And where do they mount the dang thing? Along with their internet, is it slow? Is it reliable? and so on.

With Comcast, Durkzilla's link of them being "The Worst Company In America" sparked my curiosity. If anyone has (or had) their TV and/or internet services I'd love to hear what they do and don't like about them. Along with their internet/TV services (what do you need, is it slow, fast, confusing, stupid, reliable, etc.)

Yes AT&T is currently providing my phone service, and haven't had any problems (yet).



@shrdlu: Do they provide FIOS? With a quick Google search on what the heck FIOS is, it seems like it's just a bundled internet, cable, and phone. (Correct me if I'm wrong please). To answer that yes both AT&T and Comcast offer that. But with what I know, the AT&T bundle isn't offered near me.


FiOS, by definition, is bundled internet, cable and phone over fiber optic lines directly to your home or place of business.

In my area it is offered by Verizon, but I know there are other companies in other geographies offering "FiOS".

We rent a cabin at a lake in Maine for a week in the summer, and it has DirecTV - the only time we really wanted to watch TV was during bad weather (summer at the lake is about being outside, after all). When it rained (or even when it was just cloudy or foggy) the satellite service stunk. Most of the channels didn't come in at all, and others would come and go intermittently.

I won't be signing up for any satellite television service ever.


It's Comcastic for me. We have it for both TV and internet. With 4 people on at any one time (gaming, downloading, streaming, and taking classes), the only time we have malfunctions with the internet is at the end of the month when we reach our 250G limit. Our On Demand for the TV went down (no problems with the actual channels themselves, we just could use the On Demand), Comcast tried to reset our box and when it wouldn't they gave us the option of a service call or a box exchange at the office and then they credited our bill. I am totally happy with their service.

Edit: We had satellite internet because we were too far from the switch for DSL (before they offered cable in our area) and when the weather went south so did out internet.


@duckcake: ALL cable TV companies suck. Every single one of them. Comcast just sucks more because it's bigger, is all. Your weather sounds like you'd be sad over the dish thing. Just close your eyes, bite the bullet, and go with the wired version (i.e. Comcast).

FiOS is Fiber. Shrdlu LOVES Fiber. Fiber is wonderful. You won't want my connection. I have the only residential business class connection from my ISP. I'm speshul. Still, FiOS is to be preferred, if offered. I'm puzzled that it comes from a cable company (I'm used to it arriving otherwise), but whatever. It's all about speed on my planet. That and uptime. In the past five years, I've had less than 20 hours TOTAL outage. One of those times was some random morong taking a potshot at a ring further north for NoaNet (my upstream). Another time involved the proverbial backhoe.

Back on topic. You don't mention your finances. I suspect that Comcast will be the most cost effective solution.



@duckcake: [Continued] You don't say whether you really need a landline (most people don't). If you need to send faxes (my major reason for having one), or your cell coverage is spotty (that would be a secondary reason for me), you may want to keep one. It can be an IP phone. I think T-Mobile has (or used to have) an option for $10/month, using your internet connection. I'm sure there are other, similar offers. That will still work fine and dandy for most folks.

I think that's it for now.


I'm not usually a big fan of any cable, and I've actually been treated pretty well by dish. However, I've heard horror stories from both the dish and comcast side of the table, so...

I'll definitely raise my hand to vote for FiOS - if it's available, that's easily your best option for speed, and typically reliability as well. Fiber is easily going to be the best choice for those with higher demands (i.e. @shrdlu, and the like).