questionshey guys, do you still use a small black comb?


I know my xDH does not carry one with him, but he does use one every morning to comb his hair after his shower.


As a woman (hope I'm not excluded from answering), I know those small combs are perfect to carry in a small (read: tiny) purse. Also...still have my late father's comb. He was pretty much bald, too. ;-)


I find at least one or two every time I do the laundry, so someone must be using them...


Yes I do. And I'm greatful that I still need to use one. I know some guys that can comb their hair with a towel.


Yes. How else would I comb my hair in the morning? And while it's not everyday, it's nice to have with me if I notice my hair has gotten out of place during the course of a day.


I have two foot long curly hair (and have had for years), so I use a brush. I don't think I own a comb, except the tiny one that came with the beard trimmer.


I traded mine to a little barefoot guy for a gold ring. He said he wanted it to comb his toe hair.


@rprebel: oohhh, baby! Gotta love that long hair! My hubby hasn't had a haircut in over 30 years. The last one he got made him look like a crazy bear, so I told him no more cutting those locks. Of course, they're a little thinner these dsys. But he's got a weird shaped head, so he's gotta keep it covered up!


Haha, it's so funny you brought this up.

I just started using Murray's pomade yesterday and I needed to get a fine-toothed comb. I went to Target and picked up a 2 pack of ACE pocket combs. I chose them because they were cheap and had a thin and a thick area on each comb.

Holy crap, was I the guy in front of you? I'm not even joking. This is very weird.


@curtisuxor: I was wondering that as well... he's stalking you


You're Sterling Archer. You should have a dozen of these combs on your person at any given time.


Nope, not me. I use a brush.


What is this "hair" and "comb" of which you speak? I haven't had any on my head in 5 years now, and before that I kept my hair very, very short, so there wasn't much to comb.

Way back in the day (before many of you were born) I usually tried to keep a comb around. Just thinking about it, I jused to have a nice tortishell one that had it's own little leather pouch, and a nail file in the pouch. I would take it to big events (dances and whatnot) growning up and in college. I wonder what happended to it?