questionswhich do you prefer xbox live or playstation…


I like Xbox 360, but that is mainly because all my friends play online on Xbox. You should check where your friends play online and make your decision based on that. They both offer the same apps, but it does seem to me that Xbox runs a little smoother.


I agree with @mstislavski in every regard. My only addition and why I choose 360 is two-fold: achievements > trophies imo and I prefer the controller scheme of the 360 to that of the PS3. I like some space between my thumbs!


@mstislavski @skinundone My friends are split. Both want me to come to their side. Both are willing to let me borrow games. I feel like a trophy though... I think their just trying to beat out the other group :)


I chose my 360 for the choice of games. Cant play Halo or Left 4 Dead on the PS3.


I chose PlayStation, I don't want to pay for something I can get for free, and my friends have PlayStation as well.


PS3 has more (and possibly better) exclusive games, but Xbox rules the online gaming community. Xbox also has a slightly better user interface and the system functions a little more efficiently. PS3 will often make you wait quite awhile to download and install games, updates, etc. where Xbox does more of this in the background.

If I could only choose one, I would go with Xbox, but PS3 is great also.


It depends a lot more on what your peers have. PSN and XBL are basically the same service. In my opinion, paying for XBL is not worth it. Then again, I have a PS3 and not an Xbox, so take that as you will.

However, if I didn't have a console and was in the market for one, I'd probably suck it up and get an Xbox, primarily because the vast majority of my gamer friends have Xboxes. I don't play online that often, but when I do, it's rarely with people I know, simply because I don't know that many people with PS3s.

Granted, I've never seeked out people to play with that much, but it's a good idea to survey your friends. If a lot of them are on one system, it might be worth it to go with that system.

If playing with friends isn't a big concern, then I'd say PS3. Same service for free, some better exclusives (in my opinion), and if you do play online, you'll still get to play the same. Some people claim that PS3 has a longer wait time than Xbox, but that's not exactly true. While Xbox


[cont] definitely has a larger online community, the PS3 community is big enough. When I used to play MW2 online, I rarely had to wait.

Even if I do, I reeeally don't care that much. I don't see how ten seconds is going to make that dramatic of a difference in my life


That depends on what you want to do. I don't play multiplayer and I don't pay for Xbox Live Gold, but I download demos and other free things. PS3's demo system is awful. Downloads are slow then you have to install them which takes 20 minutes plus.

Xbox you download and play.

I like that PS3 is free however, as I don't play enough of either to justify the annual fee.


Xbox Live has a better track record for keeping personal account data secure.


I prefer the 360's control scheme, and the hardware's a little cheaper. Of course you've got to have a live subscription, and a couple years of that kills the price advantage. My opinions on the companies aside, the PS3 is a better deal in the long run due to the blu-ray capability, less visible ads, and free PSN. Since you've got friends on both systems, I don't see that it matters too much on that front.


xboxlive = facebook
psn = myspace

PSN is the ghetto, you really do get what you pay for. PSN reliability is non-existent in mt opinion. I own both systems, and for online play, I barely ever sign on to PSN any more, the facebook/myspave reference above is really how I feel.


@kamikazeken <- What he said.
I have both too.. I rocked PSN for a long time, but it's baron compared to XBL. Plus, now with "Playstation +," any new/good stuff they release will probably be under the PS+ name and cost money.

You do get what you pay for..
especially if you play with friends. It's been probably a year since I've been on PSN, but it's pretty much useless for socializing. If you're not playing the same game, you're SOL as far as talking to your buddies. No chat/parties.

TL;DR Unless $35/yr is out if your price range, go with XBL. Way more robust. Plus, anybody remember the months PSN was down? That sums it pretty well :)


I think both services have something going for them: Xbox seems to have a (slightly, in my opinion) superior set of features that you have to pay for, PSN is free but tends to have some asinine online quirks.

That being said, I am glad I went PS3/PSN. Since I've bought something like 3 games in the last 2 years that have any kind of online component, I'm glad I haven't had to pay to use PSN.


I like Live more. Yes I pay for it, but I would gladly pay for a better service. Party chat alone is worth the money. The fact is that my friends and I use Live party chat while playing PSN. It's easier. Plus all the features of Live are better than PSN.

I do give PS the Plus feature. They do give Plus members free games and sweet discounts. I just got all 5 episodes of the Back to the Future game, and all 3 Syphon Filters for free.
Only downside is if your membership expires, you can't access the games again without buying them.


XBox Live all the way! Does the PSN still allow dial-up connections?


I have XBL and suggest it. You have to pay for it but you can find deals on woot for around 40 bucks a year. and when PSN was down I was online playing.