questionsdid you know boc's still exist?


Wow, congrats! What a great surprise, especially on dentist day. And those Nanoblock sets are amazing - we've got a couple in the house, but nothing near the size or grandeur of the one you got. Enjoy!


20 bucks it's for that awesome woot stalker app you made and daily updates of all the woot plus deals. that is a freaking amazing piece you've made my friend. You got exactly what you had coming to you. Great work dude


You deserve it, but it's not a true BOC unless we all have a shot at scoring one.


@lichme: I might have gotten the ball rolling but it's from all of Woot in thanks for your help on the Plus deals project. Without your help, that post wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it is. You took a project that took me 45min to do down to mere minutes.

That project is a great example of what community and staff can do together.

And if you haven't seen it, DO IT. Bookmark it.


@lichme I can come over and help you put that thing together! It'd be like a playdate!

PS Awesome haul, and I hate you...though I can't really be that mad since I did propose with a free bag of crap.


@thunderthighs: woohoo! i was right. too bad the oddsmakers had the bet placed at -30000 or I might have won some serious dough.


Congrats! Sounds like a great haul and you definitely deserve it with all the hard work you put in.


For the time and effort put in, you deserve it man, it is an impressive feat, and congrats on your BOC. Especially on a dental day, that's gotta be the best post dental thing a person can hope for.


Good for you and very deserved.


Congratulations! You definitely deserve it! I especially love the Woot Plus list and check it every day, so for that along I should have sent you a BOC, too!

P.S. LOVE the castle!


That is awesome. Good luck storming the castle.

@thunderthighs: you guys continue to amaze. Mayhaps you ough to offer lichme a job :)


Congrats - that is awesome and you definitely deserve it! I love the woot plus tracker :) And that castle looks so awesome!!


Congrats ! Well deserved .
Have fun storming the castle !


Thanks to all at woot. I actually enjoy doing stuff like that. In case people don't know, @ThunderThighs does most of the legwork for the Woot Plus thread and deserves most of the credit for making it run the way it does. Thanks again for some exceptional crap!


Awesome! Totally deserved, and I'm a little jealous of the castle! I remember putting my little brother's lego castle together over and over again. I love wootstalker! Nice going @thunderthighs! It's nice to see a good deed appreciated!


almost 9yrs on woot and I still haven't got one... yes, I'm mad... IDGAF if I got 80 size medium hello kitty t-shirts, I still want a BOC and my life wont be complete until I get one.