questionsa community that does it right! thanks @woot!


They do so many little things for their customers.

This place rocks.


Very cool, once again, this is why woot is so much better than any other community. Great customer service.


This is not my experience. I'm STILL waiting for my refund for my coupon that wasn't properly applied on the day the website changed:

All I keep getting is a run-around. Now, I have to file a complaint with my credit card company to get any resolution.


I ordered the buckyballs awhile back and when I got it one of the bucky balls had been broken and had left little chunks all through the package. I was seriously annoyed cause it scratched up my bucky balls.

I said I’m just going to email woot and they will make good on it. My wife gave me a hard-time and said I was being over picky

They totally sent me a new one quickly .... Woot rocks they take care of their people.

Particularly the people behind they are super fast and always the nicest people !


Thanks for sharing your story. I, too, am a huge fan of Woot. They really have great customer support, writers, and an overall great staff. I love the little things they do for everyone. The Woot Off before last they sent me a surprise BOC along with an explanation letter. I felt really special :D

Woot is amazing.


@90mcg112: You are seriously going to file a complaint over $5 that they probably credited back and your card may be holding?

Ill give you $5 to let it go.


@djbowman: yes, has helped me many times, and they're always quick to respond to my questions. thanks Riley, Kelly, Evan, and Randy! and everyone else at Woot Member Services.


@teenracer6: Was thinking the same thing. @90mcg112 - they said they refunded it (multiple times - in the thread) you should be a bit more patient man.


@bogie21: Thanks for posting the answer to the mystery letter! There has been an apb out on you for a few days now in the crap thread.


i have only rarely had a problem with a woot product (and have ordered plenty) but when i did - they made good on it without issue. Thanks woot!


@reginafilangee: Sorry about that! Had a way busy weekend and didn't have time to post until today.


OMG, your wife is so pretty and the look on that cat's face is just EPIC... Thanks for the laugh!


@bellavampyre: He was in no way in the mood to be held, but we were determined so we could explain why there was so much cat hair all over the shirt, even before she put it on.


Woot is great! Not just the staff, but also the community itself is both outstanding. Theres always something to talk about here. I don't even want to know how much hours I've logged into this site already.

I've been a user of woot for half a year now, and man I wished I've found this place sooner.

Speaking of which, should I complain to for for getting 15 useless piano manuals from my last bag of crap? Lolz. Naaaaaaaaaah... I've never been so angry and laughing at what I got at the same time. I bet whoever put my bag together had a devious giggle when they slipped that in there.


Woot sent me some super rare woot-game monkeys for buying too many items during a woot-off in november. They've also been super cool with any problems I've had and always let me keep the mistakes they made (sometimes with a refund too)

I'd go into more detail but I've already answered similar questions a few times before. Woot's awesome!


woot really does love to show their appreciation to their fan base... I don't care what people say about it changing since amazon, obviously there have been some tweaks. But they are still very much loving and involved. I've seen it my self a few bags ago. And because of this I will always be a loyal woot customer and always spread the word.


I totally agree with all of the positive remarks. I begin my day with Woot and it always brings me something to smile about, sometimes even to laugh out loud about. I hope the staff at Woot are treated well (big $$$, lots of perks) because they deserve it. As to the wooters; what a really, really nice bunch of people. Courteous, willing to help those of us lacking any technological skills, always friendly, often funny. Woot is just a nice place to be!


@teenracer6: It's been over a week and still have not received it. It may be "only $5" but it represents more than 25% of the cost of the item I purchased. If any other vendor on woot did this exact same thing, people would have no problem with posting about the run-around that customer service was doing about issuing a phantom refund. On the flip side, why would woot do this to a customer over "only $5"?

@linuxtrance: I have been patient and I've waited for over a week, no second $5 refund. I've been told conflicting stories by woot customer service. First that I received a $10 refund, which was not true, because they immediately refunded the first $5 overcharge for shipping, but never refunded the coupon that wasn't working because of the woot website redesign. I don't appreciate being a guinea pig for beta testing woot's website's bugs, and even more, I don't appreciate being told something that is not true.


@90mcg112: Look I didnt want to do this, but im blaming you for this one. You didnt HAVE to purchase the product at the time the coupon code was not working. You could have waited till Woot! got it working because its not like they were going to keep it broken all day. You chose to buy it when it was broken because you were impatient.


The woot sites and their communities are awesome places. Over the years I have benefitted from product info posted in the forums. The help I've received from service has been excellent! Many special thanks to TT, Dennis, and Tyler!

@bogie21 Congrats on getting your shirt! Thanks for sharing your story.