questionswhat do you do when woot gets boring?


Despite what my girlfriend might say to the contrary, I don't let woot rule my life. I post a couple of deals here and there. I post a question much more rarely. If I think of something funny and or useful to say to a question or deal I say it.


When does Woot get boring? Did I miss something?


Nothing. The real world scares me.


ummmm.......I have no life. All I ever do is woot!. So on weekends when no one is posting deals or comments, I start tattling old deals that no one felt the need to rip. Lets put it this way: I just recently finished the 2009 and before deals and took them from over 400 deals to 40. I just started the 2010 deals with 2006 pages (yes pages, not deals), it might take me a while.


@narfcake: I keep reading about this lovely duck cake, but no one ever seems to actually SEE it. I am beginning to think the cake really WAS a lie :(

When woot gets boring, it's amazing what happens when one lobs a grenade into the conversations. Torches & pitchforks!


Go to the frig, find a cold one, do some 12oz curls and then things aren't sssssssoooooooooo boring.


I take funny pictures of myself wearing my woot shirts. I didn't realize there was life outside of woot!

looks outside

OMG It's scary out there!!


If you are talking about Woot proper, I just wait until midnight. If you are referring to DW, I hit the F5 key.


I hit refresh. It always works.