questionsdo you like cheerios?


15 oz box=4,802 Cheerios, give or take a few or maybe a lot.


Thanks! Great coupon if you or someone you know loves Cheerios.

To list:
Go to the site you listed, then click on Coupons and Promotions Use that link to list it on deals. It's the coupon which shows the coupon & restrictions. Not the actual coupon you print out.

Title: Box of Cheerios BOGO w/coupon. Don't fill in the price; don't check free shipping.

Put whatever you want to say in the description part. Do quote the caveat that there are only 1 million available, etc.

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I am fairly flexible in my cereal choices, so I am usually able to get my boxes for $2 or less. Picked up 5 boxes of decent store-brand granola for $1.50 each last week, in fact. Thanks for sharing the BOGO link.


@gmwhit: Thanks for the instructions! (I've bookmarked them.) However, I'm afraid if I post anything, I'll lose my lovely green triangle. Do you know how hard I work to keep it?


@barnabee: You're a funny character sir! I knew I liked you for a zany reason. Green is a lovely color. If you keep asking 'popular' questions you may lose it.


What's not to like about Cheerios ? I like to eat them dry like a snack.
Yes, I know, little kids eat them that way.
But do they mix them up with some chocolate chips or peanut m&m's in the bowl ? : )

Now to get the printer working......


Who doesn't love Cheerios? I don't eat cereal very often (try to stay low-carb) but I don't feel guilty about Cheerios. So good for you!


Nice deal but it doesn't print with Chrome on Mac OSX because it requires the latest version of Java which is 64 bit and Chrome is only 32 bit. It gives that error when trying to install the Java plugin but it specifically states you can use Safari.

So then I tried with Safari and Java did install correctly. After the install, I hit the print, several messages come up warning me about the security vulnerability possibilities and asks me if I want to run the Java app anyway. I say yes and it chugs along for a couple seconds to give me a final status that says "Already Printed."

Nothing Printed and it will not allow me to try a second time. What a bummer. Does someone have a link to a PDF of this coupon or something more reasonable to print?

Although I cannot eat Cheerios because they are not gluten free (I'm deathly allergic to gluten), Mrs cengland0 likes them so I'd like to get a couple boxes if possible.


Too bad it does not run in Chrome. I do not trust Java unless it is in Chrome.


@caffeine_dude: Worked fine for me in Chrome. Win 7 x64.


@firebirdude: Here is the error message I get when I click on the link to install Java on Chrome:


@gmwhit: Um, I'm a she. :) I guess that hasn't been a topic of conversation (why would it be?). Actually, barnabee is what I named my computer. Now, THAT would be a good topic of conversation.


@barnabee: Ugghhh! Sorry, I assumed you were a male. Guess I think barnabee's a masculine name. have male computer?


@gmwhit: Yeah, I guess barnabee is a male because "he" sure doesn't listen to me when I'm trying to type/print without any errors. Come to think of it, he seldom follows my instructions. Yep, he's a male.


@cengland0: I replied to caffeine_dude. :-) I don't know about Macs.