questionsbest place to stay in seattle with 4 kids that…


I've never been to Seattle, but here is a list of available hotels for 4 people (the highest number you can choose) during your time there:

You can do a location filter to select hotels less than 1 mile to the Convention Center.

There are 70 of them, but you can apply additional filters to your liking.

Of these, I think that the W, the Sheraton, and the Renaissance look nice and are reasonably priced. All 3 are less than half a mile to the convention center.

Also, not sure if this is your cup of tea, but you can get a private hostel room with 4 or 6 separate beds for about the same price or less as one of the above here:

It is also less than half a mile from the CC.


The Homewood Suites are a favorite location for PAX-goers, especially the volunteers that help run the show. The Sheraton is also nearby and accommodating. The HIlton is also good. Anything right around the center or in the central business district is likely going to be fine, honestly.

The Warwick in Belltown was nice years ago; assume it still is. I'd stick to the central business distract, First Hill, maybe Belltown (gets a little rowdy on weekends), and Lower Queen Anne/South Lake Union/Seattle Center as possibles, but not super close walking distance, especially with kids. (1-2 miles.)


Thank you guys! We are still looking. I just shared this thread with my husband, who will make the final decision. We are waiting on some times from the con itself (to set number of nights). Last year we did the whole trip, plus some tourist stuff for under $500, but that's not looking so probable this year (we also didn't have the extra kid last year). I really appreciate the help of this community!


Never been to Seattle, but I bet the woot staff will step up with more answers.


Have you tried GeekGirlCon's official hotel the Olive 8 Hyatt?

While I can't give advice on how many kids you can bring in your room before they want you to purchase another, you should check out the con's discount.


@emcgillivray: that was actually the first place we looked, and even without the extra kid, it's going to cost us more than twice what we paid to stay in Seattle for the con last year. That's why I'm a bit frustrated, when we bought our tickets, I didn't realize the cost of hotels would go up so much just with the different location. (Last Year the con was at Seattle Center)


Thank you everyone for your help! We picked the hostel, and I think it will be perfect for us. We are really excited about it.

We just need to find overnight parking now. Any suggestions?

Thank you all who helped. We were offline for a couple weeks, but this was soooooo helpful!